Apple Employees Criticize Return-to-Work Plan, Call for More Flexibility

A group of Apple employees are calling for more flexibility from the tech giant ahead of its planned return to office work later this month. in a (n open letterthe group, which calls itself Apple Together, said the company’s plan for many employees to be in the office three fixed days a week offers “almost no flexibility at all” and could hurt diversity.

“The Hybrid Working Pilot is not an increase in flexibility, it is a smoke screen and often a step backwards in flexibility for many of our teams,” reads the letter, which was published on Friday and March 12 previously reported by CNN. “We are not demanding that everyone be forced to work from home. We challenge to decide together with our teams and line manager what type of arrangement works best for each of us, be it in an office, working from home or a hybrid approach.”

Like other tech companies, so does Apple delayed his plans for returning to office several times amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The iPhone maker now expects many employees to be in the office at least three days a week through May 23. reports Bloombergalthough some teams may need to be in the office more frequently.

Apple has already faced public backlash by some staff who asked for it consider more flexible work optionsalthough the company’s leadership has stressed that they believe Personal cooperation is essential.

According to CNN, around 200 employees are involved in the Apple Together group, a small part of the company’s US workforce. The group says Apple has 100,000 direct employees in the US, including retail workers.

The Apple Together group also claimed that the hybrid plan could transform the makeup of Apple’s workforce, saying it will make the company “younger, whiter, more male-dominated” by displacing those who can’t relocate for a job or can afford to pay for family care. In the letter, the group also said the hybrid plan doesn’t reflect the message Apple is sending to customers that its products are great for remote work.

“We tell all our customers how great our remote work products are,” the letter reads, “but we can’t use them for remote work ourselves? How can we expect our customers to take this seriously?”

Apple Employees Criticize Return-to-Work Plan, Call for More Flexibility Source link Apple Employees Criticize Return-to-Work Plan, Call for More Flexibility

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