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Indoor farming company App Harvest announced this week: I got the root AI.. The deal is worth about $ 60 million, cash is $ 10 million, and reminders are from App Harvest shares.

Root AI is a Boston-based robotics startup whose mission is in line with the mission of its future parent company. We’ve covered the startup several times, including announcing a $ 7.2 million seed round last August. Robotics was generally boosted during a pandemic, but agriculture and food production have a special look as organizations look for ways to automate their processes.

Including the seeds mentioned above, Route has raised a total of $ 9.5 million so far, supported by interest in the Virgo harvesting system. Once the acquisition is complete, founder and CEO Josh Lessing will join the role of CTO of App Harvest. The startup is still pretty slim and has 19 full-time employees.

According to quotes from both parties, the robot’s data on yields is an important part of the acquisition.

App Harvest founder and CEO Jonathan Webb is in the news. Indoor farming solves many of these challenges, and the data collected can exponentially provide more insights to help predict and control crop quality and yield. “

AppHarvest buys ag-robotics firm, Root AI – TechCrunch Source link AppHarvest buys ag-robotics firm, Root AI – TechCrunch

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