Antioch shoots down new Taser purchase for police – Times-Herald

The Antioch City Council has withdrawn police requests to renew aging taser guns.

Under the suggestion, the city will pay $ 407,118.30 over five years to upgrade the Taser stun gun. According to Lieutenant Joe Vigil, Antioch’s current version has been in use since 2008 and has limited data capabilities compared to the new cloud-based model. The new also uses Bluetooth technology that automatically connects to body cameras purchased by the department, enabling great transparency.

The deal with Axon Enterprise also includes all software and updates for the new Taser 7 device, he said.

“This allows police officers to explain the use of the Taser gun and document its effectiveness and performance over time,” said Vigil. “It gives officers the ability to explain the use of the taser throughout its use, which allows police officers to conduct a more complete and comprehensive investigation into the incidents and units used. In addition, supervisors will have the opportunity to ensure that their power is legitimate and within the scope of the department’s policy. “

However, in public comments, all eight residents opposed the purchase.

“I’m tired of considering increasing funding for law enforcement agencies,” Peyton Seville wrote in a comment to the council. “Use that money for social welfare like our parks and social work, and spend it to improve roads and build affordable homes. To make better choices. There are better options. “

“I think spending this amount is great for those who would probably benefit from being a company (axiom),” said Patricia Granados. “No, I don’t think you should pay the police for these new and improved tech taser guns, especially if you’re a happy police officer here in Antioch.”

However, former Pittsburgh police officer Mike Barbanica said he supported the purchase.

“Currently, as most agencies do, there are police officers carrying taser guns, but as a city, we have invested a fair amount of money to equip all police officers with body cams and dash cams.” He said. “We seek accountability and did so because we are very open to the general public.

“If you don’t do this, you’ll have a police officer on the street who can use your current equipment when the body cam comes in, but it won’t work with the one you’re buying, so you can lose that open book. There is sex. “

The upgrade will provide a video about using each taser.

“Therefore, if people are concerned that the taser is being abused, we allow them to watch the video.” In addition, the taser is not a deadly force, or someone. Offers the option of not using batons, which means that the proportion of power is declining due to the lack of better terminology, but the biggest thing is accountability. We reform the police. I’ve just finished a month of reviewing and showing accountability to the public. This helps ensure that. “

Councilor Lori Ogorchok asked if the old one could still be replaced.

Vigil said it is possible at this time, but the company plans to phase out the platform in the near future.

“What we are currently using is running on a platform that is not supported by the software,” he said.

Other council members didn’t talk about this issue, but at the last meeting in March (the month dedicated to police reform), the council bundled the taser package with a new dashboard and body camera proposal. Was picked up when I refused.

Still, Barbanica sought approval of the contract, which Ogorchok supported. But without comment, the rest of the council rejected it.

Antioch shoots down new Taser purchase for police – Times-Herald Source link Antioch shoots down new Taser purchase for police – Times-Herald

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