Antigua investigates yacht with possible Abramovich ties

The Antigua government is investigating a yacht with alleged links to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

The 67-meter-long research ship, named Garçon, is anchored in the marina of the Port of Flemish at the southern tip of the Caribbean island, according to the database. MarineTraffic. This month Antigua announced that it would enforce all sanctions from the US, EU and UK on Russian entities and individuals.

The yacht, built to carry helicopters and an “armada of water toys”, including a submarine and jet skis, acts as a support tool for mega-yachts.

Ownership of the ship was transferred to a company resident in the British Virgin Islands called Wenham Overseas Limited in January 2021, according to the Aquasis Maritime Database. Reports at the time said the last asking price known before the sale was 24 million euros.

According to aircraft registration documents, Wenham owns a Boeing 787 private jet Previous press reports Identified as linked to Abramovich.

Abramovich, the billionaire owner of at least two mega-yachts, was sanctioned by Britain and the European Union, but not imposed by the United States.

Ronald Sanders, Ambassador to Barbados in Antigua in the US, said his government was investigating ownership of the yacht and sought help from the US and UK governments.

“We asked for help from other jurisdictions to determine ownership of the boat. We tried our best to see if this thing was indeed owned by Abramovich,” he said, after asking the Financial Times questions about Gerson’s ownership. “We consulted a lot and did not get any answers. We do not find a link and no one can tell us if there is a link to Abramovich.”

The Garçon has been under the management of Döhle Yachts based in the Isle of Man since August 2021, according to Aquasis records. One person familiar with the matter told FT that Duhla had recently resigned from the contract. Dohle did not respond to requests for comment.

This person said Gerson’s owner is Abramovich and added that Abramovich may be seeking to transfer beneficial ownership of the ship. Abramovich did not respond to a request for comment.

The Garçon was formerly owned by Ukrainian billionaire Yuri Kosyuk, the founder and CEO of MHP, Ukraine’s leading food supplier. Kosyuk also sold his other yacht, an 87-meter-long vessel called the ACE, which Gerson Built to support last year. MHP declined to comment.

The Garçon “is capable of accommodating various helicopter models including Bell 365 and Armada of water toys including a submarine for 4 people, a jet ski and vans… It can accommodate additional crew and has huge amounts of toys and storage space for additional supplies,” according to Marketing material for Fraser Yacht Brokerage.

One super-yacht expert described the boat as a “very hardcore exploration yacht.”

“It could have its own independent uses,” he told FT. “But what you see a lot more these days is this kind of support yacht that basically follows the big yacht and carries toys, crew and other things.”

The location of Abramovich’s super yachts was checked after two of his vessels – the 163-meter Eclipse and the 140-meter Solaris – Sailed to Turkish ports Last Week.

The arrival of the vessel in Turkey has raised concerns that the country is becoming a sanctuary for oligarchs who have been sanctioned, given the country’s unwillingness to sign sweeping sanctions against Russia.

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Antigua investigates yacht with possible Abramovich ties Source link Antigua investigates yacht with possible Abramovich ties

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