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TC session: Justice, On March 3, 2021, there will be a second dedicated event on technology diversity, fairness, inclusion and labor. This is a virtual one-day meeting with the industry’s best innovators, leaders and worker activists.

We welcome Arlan Hamilton, founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital, Vanessa Bain of Gig Workers Collective, Parul Koul, executive chair of Alphabet Workers Union, Rashad Robinson, president of Color of Change, and Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of Anti-Defamation League. Other.

In addition to virtual stage fireplaces and panel discussions, the event also includes networking, startup presentations, and the opportunity to connect with participants from around the world.

The official agenda of is shown below. TC session: Justice. If you I want to participate in this event, You can grab the ticket Here For only $ 5.

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Wednesday, March 3

State of the Union address Parul Koul (Google), Grace Reckers (Office and Professional Employees International Union) And Clarissa Red Wine (NYU)

Trade unions were quite rare in technology. This has only begun to change in recent years, as workers are driving organization in the largest companies in the industry, from Alphabet to Kickstarter. Parul Koul (Google), Grace Reckers (Office and Professional Employees International Union) and Clarissa Redwine (NYU) will join in to discuss the growth movement.

Find the next unicorn Erlang Hamilton (behind-the-scenes capital)

Backstage Capital’s founder and managing partner, Arlan Hamilton, has raised more than $ 12 million to support 150 companies led by undervalued founders. In this session, we will discuss how Hamilton scrutinizes the greatest investment opportunities and how to positively confuse them.

The future path of essential tech workers Vanessa Bain (Gig Worker Group), Jessica E. Martinez (National Council for Occupational Safety and Health) And Chris Chance Malls (Essential Workers Conference)

Gig workers and warehouse workers have become an integral part of the pandemic-stricken economy. In California, a law to make gig workers an independent contractor came into force earlier this year. Meanwhile, Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama are actively working to form unions to ensure better protection in the workplace. You can hear from workers and organizers about the following in the workforce of gig workers and tech contractors, and the upcoming battle of these essential workers.

Creating fairness in technology with Congressman Barbara Lee (D-CA)

“Pipeline issues” are often cited as the reason for the lack of diversity in the technology industry. But that’s a myth. Congressman Barbara Lee, who has represented East Bay, California for nearly a decade, is familiar with the rise of technology in the Bay Area. Discuss with Congressman Lee the opportunity to create an equal competitive arena with technology so that undervalued investors, founders, designers, coders and more can benefit.

Identify and dismantle systems with deep technology bias Haven Gilma (Disability Justice Lawyer), Mutale Nkonde (AI for the People) And Safiya Umoja Noble (UCLA)

Almost all popular technologies or services have a system of bias or exclusion, which is obvious to privileged but ignored and affected groups. How do these systems need to be published and documented? And how do you get rid of them and prevent more systems from appearing in the future? AI of the People’s Mutal Nkonde, Haven Gilma, a disability rights lawyer, and Safiya Umoja Noble, author of the “Algorithm of Repression,” are discussing a more comprehensive future.

Sponsorship Latinx Startup Alliance: Latin founder leading inclusion

Inclusion, the founder of Latin descent, who leads inclusion through diverse teams and / or supports diverse missions, is part of their DNA.

Founder focusing on Tracy Chow (block party)

We sit with the founders who can cause the next big mess in the industry. Here we chat with Bloc Party’s Tracy Chou, who works to protect people from online abuse and harassment.

The role of online hatred and where social media goes from here Naj Austin (Somewhere Good and Ethel’s Club), Jesse Lehrich (Accountable Technology) And Rasha Robinson (color of change)

In recent years, toxic cultures, deadly plots, and organized hatred have exploded online. Learn how social networks are responsible for the occurrence of these phenomena, and how to build a healthy online community that makes society better rather than worse.

Sponsorship start: LGBTQ + Entrepreneurial Impact

StartOut and SocosLab are excited to speak at TechCrunch Justice and cover Inclusion Impact Indexes. Its first iteration. The StartOut Pride Economic Impact Index quantifies the economic value of underutilized LGBTQ + entrepreneurs. This project examines the economic impact of entrepreneurs in terms of job creation, patents, financing, and withdrawal in the United States. Our agenda is a brief introduction, a demo of the index and its current findings, and a Q & A discussion with the publisher. index.

Sponsorship On shape: Fireside Chat-Diversity is more than recruitment of people of color

The country may appear to be embracing the shift from racial diversity to workplace equality. But there is still a way. For example, organizational diversity is still about hiring from diverse talent pools. In reality, you need more than a “human strategy” to maximize your diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) potential. Robust and sustainable work in this area requires incorporating DEI principles, policies, systems, and practices into all parts of the business, including employee and customer experience, brand culture, and industry / corporate citizens as a whole. there is.

Networking break

Our virtual platform allows participants to network through video chat and give people the opportunity to make meaningful connections. With CrunchMatch, an algorithmic matching product, you can be sure to meet the right people at the show. You can also randomly match adventurous participants.

Unravel the mystery of First-Check funding by First-Check investors Brian Blacken (Lightship Capital), Astrid Scholze (Zebras Unite) And Sydney Thomas (Pricker Ventures)

There are many ways to raise money for startups that do not include Y Combinator or traditional funds. In this stacked panel, founders hear from a trio of decision makers how to leverage unconventional communities and resources to get the first funding needed to do so.

Technology in the age of accountability Jonathan Greenblatt (((Defamation Prevention League)

Practical approaches to moderating online platforms have led to a hatred of prospering with clear vision for the past four years. Discuss with Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, about proposed policy solutions about what technology is at the forefront of the true era of accountability and what the organization’s mission will be after 2021.

Diversity and inclusiveness as ideas have been on the agenda of technology companies for years. However, despite the efforts of the diversity, equity and inclusion managers of these companies, the industry still lacks true inclusion. We strive to better understand what is hindering progress and what is needed to achieve true change.

Access all areas: Design accessibility from day one Cynthia Bennett (Carnegie Mellon University), Srin Madipalli (formerly Accomable and Airbnb) And Marla Mills (NYU)

This session will explore the importance of ensuring an accessible product design from the beginning. Ask how social and medical models of disability affect the evolution of technology. Integrating the expertise of engineers, manufacturers, investors, scientists and software engineers with disabilities into the company’s DNA from the beginning is essential to the pursuit of a functional and equitable society. And it may mean that you don’t leave money on the table.

Rethinking routes for returning citizens Jason Jones (Last Mile), Deepti Rohatgi (Slack) And Aly Tamboura (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)

Returning to society after being imprisoned presents a challenge that most of us do not understand. This panel examines the role that technology can play in paving the way for returning citizens to employment.

Announcing the complete agenda for TC Sessions: Justice – TechCrunch Source link Announcing the complete agenda for TC Sessions: Justice – TechCrunch

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