Anna Faris Says She Never Talked About ‘Issues’ With Chris Pratt During Their Marriage – NBC Bay Area

Anna Faris She knows she can be surprised and catch her fans.

In August 2017, with a “mama” star Chris Pratt When they announced, they shocked the world of pop culture Their division 8 years after marriage.

And both parties then move and Friendly exe Faris shares some lessons she learned along the way as they co-parented their eight-year-old son Jack.

“For me, at some point after all the breakups, I realized that there were a lot of things I ignored that I really shouldn’t have,” she explained to the guest. Rachel Bilson Every monday episode In the podcast “Anna Faris Is Unqualified”, “I felt like my hands were forced in the future. I don’t think it was an independent decision.”

Another obstacle Faris faced was the lack of an intimate group of girlfriends. When I asked a 44-year-old podcaster, it definitely influenced her life.

Anna Faris has been in the limelight for decades, but she’s still a fangirl of the heart. The “Mom” star, who recently partnered with Clorox and DonorsChoose.org, exclusively told Access Hollywood that her hit podcast “Unqualified” will be back in mid-September with a new renewal, and she has at least one. With a dream guest in mind.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’s cutest family moment

“I think it stunted me in many ways,” she said. “One of them is that I’ve never talked about the problem, so I’m convinced that even my closest people have a more transparent relationship with Ben. [Indra].. But with Chris, I think we protected that image, even within our intimate circle. “

Faris married Indra from 2004 to 2008. She later told Pratt in 2009, “I will.”

Later in the show, the actress discussed the originator of the podcast who wanted to cancel her engagement before the wedding. She didn’t name her, but Faris upheld the idea and wondered what would happen to her life if she did the same in a past relationship.

“I really feel that breaking an engagement is a smarter, stronger, and brave move than I did,” she said. “Well, I think everyone expects this, so let’s try it.”

Faris is happy today Engaged To Michael Barrett, the cinematographer of the 2018 movie “Overboard”. The pair prefers to keep their romance private, but Faris first admitted that relationships are a common theme in her podcast.

“This is a tricky area for me as I have now experienced two divorces,” Faris said. Previously shared.. “I have a great relationship, [so] I want to tell everyone about things I don’t know very well. But I want to protect things in a way I’ve never thought of before. “

Anna Faris Says She Never Talked About ‘Issues’ With Chris Pratt During Their Marriage – NBC Bay Area Source link Anna Faris Says She Never Talked About ‘Issues’ With Chris Pratt During Their Marriage – NBC Bay Area

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