Anna Duggar to Elon Musk: Help! I’m Being Bullied By Josh Haters on Twitter!

Earlier this week, Elon Musk bought Twitterto the great detriment of several shareholders and users.

However, some people are happy with the takeover, and it looks like the disgraced former reality star Anna Duggar is one of them.

Let us explain this very unlikely covenant.

As you probably know, Anna’s husband, Josh Duggar was convicted of child pornographys in December last year.

Not surprisingly, the months since have not been easy for Anna.

A mother of seven is trying to support her family without visible means of support, which cannot be easy.

But it seems that what really keeps Anna at night are the web haters.

Yes, like all Duggars, he’s very image-conscious, and he’s mostly avoided social media lately.

When Anna publishes on Instagram, she restricts comments so she doesn’t get criticized.

However, it looks like he misses days when he could publish what he wants, and he’s confident Elon will help him get back to that point.

On Monday, just hours before he made a deal to buy Twitter for $ 44 billion, Musk tweeted:

“I hope even my worst critics stay on Twitter because that’s what freedom of speech means.”

Anna liked the tweet, which is quite ironic, as she seems to actively oppose the freedom of speech of people who criticize her or her husband’s criticism.

Anna and Elon

Naturally, the people of the always funny r / DuggarSnark subreddit quickly reported Anna’s hypocrisy.

And as usual, they did it in a fun way.

“Anna, babydoll, hang it. No one wants to exercise freedom of speech [to] defend your crunchy, dusty and musty man, “wrote one commentator, according to the British tabloid The Sun.

“This is from a woman who won’t let anyone comment on her Instagram photos,” another redditor pointed out.

“Anna has more children than she has an IQ if she doesn’t really understand the irony of keeping this post on multiple levels,” the third said.

“Lol like Duggars would be supporters of free speech or any intellectual conversation,” the fourth pointed out.

Others pointed out how far the Duggars have gone to avoid seeing a speech they disagree with.

“LOL, it’s so damn rich, Anna. I know you’re blocking your critics so hard on Twitter,” one person wrote.

Of course, Musk also has a long history of preventing and silencing his critics.

So maybe she and Anna have more in common than what it looks like.

Interestingly, as the father of eight children, Elon is one of the few public figures to have even more children than Anna!

Now that I think about it, Musk and singer Grimes recently divorced after welcoming their second child together, and Anna is finally a free woman who has been under Josh’s predatory thumb all her adult life.

Maybe this is Anna’s way of “shooting their shots,” as the kids say.

Hi, there have been stranger celebrities than Anna Duggar and Elon Musk.

In fact, on the other hand, not – that would be literally the strangest relationship ever.

Anna Duggar to Elon Musk: Help! I’m Being Bullied By Josh Haters on Twitter! Source link Anna Duggar to Elon Musk: Help! I’m Being Bullied By Josh Haters on Twitter!

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