Anna Duggar Net Worth: How Broke Is She? (And How Will She Survive When Josh Goes to Prison?)

In just one week Josh Duggar’s Child Porn Trial It will start after a few months delay.

The 33-year-old allegedly stemmed from a Homeland Security raid in November 2019, so Josh’s family is long to prepare him for a very long time in jail. I’ve been spending time. ..

Obviously, Josh’s wife, Anna Dagger, is most severely affected, especially because women in the Dagger community are often forbidden to work outside their homes.

Anna just welcomed her seventh child In October, she may soon be in a position to feed all of them without any visible aid.

The question of how Anna supports herself has been frequently discussed in the social media dagger-focused corners over the past few weeks.

There are some disagreements about how blame she deserves to enable Josh’s actions over the years, but everyone agrees that her children are not responsible. To do.

If anything, this family is suffering enough because of Josh. That’s why I don’t want to see them fall into poverty.

But unfortunately, Josh seems to have been found guilty. His wife and children need to have a serious belt tightening.

Anna’s new value is only $ 50,000, according to a new report from In Touch.

Needless to say, fans were shocked by the news that all those years of reality show Stardom didn’t provide a healthier financial base /

Of course, part of the problem is what TLC has cancel Reliable, Put an end to Duggars’ lucrative reality TV empire.

In other words, you won’t get any more money. If you believe in Derrick Dillard, Jim Bob Duggar’s kids and children-in-law didn’t see much money in the first place.

Derrick is Jill Dagger’s husband and he claims it Jim Bob stole millions From his own children by putting their TLC salary in their pocket.

So Josh and Anna didn’t withdraw a lot of cash while on TV.

But Josh otherwise benefited from the wealth of his family.

Until the company was attacked in 2019, Josh co-owned a used car dealership with Jim Bob.

For obvious reasons, the location never reopened after the attack.

And since then, he has been able to profit from his father’s many business ventures in other ways.

A lot these days Shady Dagger Real Estate Transactions It’s been happening in the last few months and Anna is in a position to benefit from at least one of them.

last month, Anna bought a mobile home And a parcel of land not far from her current home in northwestern Arkansas.

The consensus among Dagger critics is that Jim Bob and Josh were at the forefront of the deal, but they purchased through Anna’s LLC for tax purposes.

Perhaps the deal is to develop the land in such a way that Jim Bob makes some kind of income or a lot of profit for Anna.

Jim Bob is different from giving cash to children, according to sources familiar with family financial arrangements, but in a way that makes them profitable. Will allow him to participate in his business venture.

Of course, as a bonus, Jim Bob receives their capital and their name-and putting their signature in an important document allows the patriarch to hide his property from Uncle Sam.

This isn’t the most ethical arrangement, but hey-at least Anna can continue to feed her kids even after her dad goes up the river!

Anna Duggar Net Worth: How Broke Is She? (And How Will She Survive When Josh Goes to Prison?) Source link Anna Duggar Net Worth: How Broke Is She? (And How Will She Survive When Josh Goes to Prison?)

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