Anna Duggar: Is Jim Bob Avoiding Her Kids Amidst Family Feud?

With a little luck and a lot of justice, Josh Duggar convicted and convicted In a few months.

Until then, of course, he remains under house arrest and is free to spend time with him. Anna, my wife who supports me mysteriously..

Anna was busy doing just two things: leaving her child-in-law to visit Josh, and feuding with those same relatives.

Now the feud seems to be dripping on her children-they are left out of the dagger activity.

Earlier this month, the Duggar Family shared on Instagram that they were visiting Farmland Adventures.

At that time, it was clear that some of Anna and Josh’s children were there with their cousins.

Something seems to have changed now.

On September 20, the Duggar family’s social media accounts re-shared photos of their Duggar trip.

The family visited South Dakota while looking at attractions like Mount Rushmore.

A number of young members of Jim Bob, Michelle, and Dagger’s chicks were present and explained.

Dagger family FB visits South Dakota in September 2021

But for some reason, none of Josh’s children seemed to be on the trip.

They may have been with her mother Anna while Josh was absent from attending Josh while waiting for the trial.

After all, she probably didn’t want her children to travel out of state while her father couldn’t accompany her.

At the same time, fans speculate that Anna and Josh’s children might have been with another relative.

One of the names that came to mind was Josh’s over-attached sister, Yana, who had endured the hassle of raising many children who weren’t herself.

For a while, no one saddled Yana with six nibblings past Anna, Jim Bob, and Michelle.

Anna used to use social media quite often.

Recently she’s getting dark-and she’s not alone.

Following Josh’s arrest, many members of his family have posted few or no posts at all.

Recently, Anna has been so offline that the world has had to rely heavily on reports from people near her family.

Some of these reports are very consistent and are consistent to draw a very clear picture of where things appear to stand after Josh’s arrest.

None of them look good to Anna.

First of all, Anna seems to believe very clearly that Josh is innocent.

Her views may have evolved over the last six months, but early reports were harsh.

Not only did she believe that Josh was innocent, but she also believed that he was somehow prepared, persecuted, or framed.

At some point, the conspiracy theory allegedly accusing President Joe Biden is not a sign that someone is dealing with reality well.

Instead, Anna seems to be actively sticking to being a devoted wife (and even more so, if possible).

This is the purpose of the cult in which she was born to train her, but I’m tired of seeing it.

Anna also reportedly accused Jim Bob of Josh’s arrest at some level.

While it is certain that the Daggers, the church, and the IBLP cult contributed to the ideal stalking ground for predators, it did not cause his arrest.

Anna’s volatile emotional reaction to Josh’s arrest clashed her and made her unwelcome at Dagger’s house.

I don’t know if her children are really frozen like their mothers, but it is possible.

As previously suggested, Anna may simply not have wanted them to travel outside the state.

However, it’s a shame that he doesn’t seem to be able to defend his children like his disliked husband.

Anna Duggar: Is Jim Bob Avoiding Her Kids Amidst Family Feud? Source link Anna Duggar: Is Jim Bob Avoiding Her Kids Amidst Family Feud?

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