Anna Duggar Explained: Why is She Sticking with Josh?

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Josh Dagger’s arrest at the end of last month is United NationsI was really surprised.

The six fathers confessed to porn addiction in 2015 after it became clear that:

  1. When he was a teenager, he sexually abused five girls, including two of his sisters.
  2. I tricked a stranger and my wife I met through a website that specializes in adultery.

At that time, in another statement, Josh described himself. sinner When Hypocrite, Before checking in for rehab.

So, as terrible as the allegations, is anyone really shocked to be detained on April 28 for Josh’s possession of 18-month-old minor material?

We know that Anna Dagger wasn’t everything It Sources have found that the software is installed on her husband’s computer and warns him if he downloads certain inappropriate photos or videos.

However, Josh was reportedly able to avoid This program.

This all asks the right questions …

… why is Anna Dagger still with Josh Dagger?

As we have been discussing for a long time Anna is a victim of an abusive cult-like family..

I don’t think she has a real say in her future, even though it may look superficially to Dagger and those who aren’t familiar with what they set.

However, a blogger named Vyckie Garrison was part of the fundamentalist Quiverfull cult, a group that believed in “children’s values” and “marriage permanence.”

She I talked to the salon a few days ago He talked from a disturbing experience about what Anna is very likely to be experiencing.

“There was a lot of talk about women being obedient and contraceptive, or” fundamentally professional life, “” Garrison told a Christian women’s salon she met, who saw motherhood as a place of mission. explained.

“I caused health complications [getting pregnant] A life-threatening condition.

“But you should be like Jesus, and you are really forced on your mom to be willing to sacrifice whatever it takes.”


Quiverfull, like Duggars, emphasized to all women that the only thing in life is to have children. Anyways.

They have been brainwashed, believing that this is their peculiar and high calling.

“Women will tell me,’Missionaries are endangering their lives every day, and they are doing it because it is their call,'” she said.

“When they reach heaven, they will get a martyr’s crown.” There is a huge martyr idea. “

The idea of ​​a huge martyr.

This tragically summarizes what Anna was probably told by Jim Bob Dagger.

She is being tested by God and faces disability after disability, and her goal must be to keep the children popping out in front of them.

So why she is now pregnant with her seventh baby … even though her family knew that Josh had been under investigation since November 2019.

In a blog post she wrote before she got pregnant She The seventh child, Garrison, said:

“Whether the couple has more than a dozen children or one, it is important to welcome them in the same spirit as accepting the Lord Jesus himself.”

Garrison said her husband at the time had abused her.

She had collapsed physically and mentally, but she still tried to break through.

“But I had that martyr’s mindset. I was going to do everything to secure this house for my children,” Garrison said in the film: I added.

“But I saw my kids and they weren’t prosperous. I smoked at homeschooling and they weren’t happy.”

Eventually, Garrison courageously fled to Kansas City … applying for a divorce … and retaining custody of her children.

“Women, they get hooked on it for their kids,” she continues. “But that’s also why they get out.”

Can Anna do the same?

She faces the challenge of being part of a particularly wealthy and well-known family. This, as we must imagine, often threatens her with legal action and financial means.

It’s not easy.

And that would require one thing in particular, Garrison says.

“It’s impossible to have her,” says a former cult member.

“The only way she can save herself and her children-she will have to give up her thoughts on her faith.”

This may sound simple to some people.

But think about it:

Other than dodging Jim Bob and the company (she is literally Live in a warehouse His property, remember, has six young children and another), Anna has to speak herself Out It’s the religion she’s built into her life for over a decade.

This is the belief system she is the basis of her life.

So, before you go and judge her rigorously, think about what it should be.

Anna Duggar Explained: Why is She Sticking with Josh? Source link Anna Duggar Explained: Why is She Sticking with Josh?

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