Anna Duggar Can End Her Marriage. Two of Her Sisters Have.

About 6 weeks have passed Josh Duggar arrested on suspicion of child pornographyAnd yet, no one in the Dagger family has openly blamed Josh or his actions.

Of course, the simplest explanation for their silence is that they really believe he is innocent.

Indeed, Josh has a history of molesting children, and federal agents found graphic images on his computer. Some of them depict 18-month-old children, but the power of denial of the Daggers cannot be exaggerated.

For obvious reasons, Duggars has been accused of enabling Josh, and in that respect his parents are clearly the most guilty party.

When they learned it Josh sexually abused five young girls -Four of them were his sisters and the fifth was a family babysitter-Jim Bob and Michelle took steps to avoid prosecution.

And we all know what happened next.

The role played by Josh’s wife Anna Duggar in all of this is less clear.

She is one of his biggest supporters, but some say Anna is also one of Josh’s victims..

She has been exposed to brainwashing and gas lamps in law for many years. And now the Daggers have persuaded her to believe in a strange conspiracy theory that Josh is being forged.

According to the insider, Anna The Biden administration plots against Josh And now, desperately framing her husband to damage the credibility of the entire Dagger family.

It is everyone’s guess why everyone at the top level of government makes so much effort.

But Dagger’s critics hope that Anna will one day see the light.

Some think that when Anna is finally forced to confront evidence of her husband’s many atrocities, it may happen during his trial.

And what will happen next?

Well, there was a time when Anna was completely powerless in such a scenario.

After all, divorce is strictly prohibited in the Duggars community, and there are no exceptions.

However, Anna was originally a resident of Florida rather than Arkansas, and while her family is almost conservative and strictly evangelical, she is a little more generous when it comes to women’s rights issues.

And this week, it was revealed that Anna’s sister, Rebeka McDonald, set a bold new precedent.

According to a surprising new report from Radar Online McDonald’s applied for divorce From her 10-year-old husband, dating back to 2015.

It may sound like a minor development, but after all, McDonald’s has no direct connection to Dagger, but for Anna, the impact is huge.

As far as everyone knows, Rebeka is not disowned by her parents and is invited to family events.

And what does that have to do with Josh and Anna?

Well, I don’t know what the reason Rebeka submitted, but it’s true that her husband hasn’t sinned as badly as Josh was accused.

Not only that, Rebeka isn’t the only Anna’s sister to legally end her marriage.

Susanna Keller divorced her husband Back in 2017, she is still accepted by others in her family.

After all, Anna may have a piece of hope.

If two of her sisters leave her husband and are not expelled from the family church, Anna will probably find that the divorce does not have to be the end of the world.

If Josh is convicted (which seems unavoidable at this time), Anna can take her huge chick-she is now Pregnant her 7th child -And back in Sunshine, where she gets full family support.

For most people who marry the Dagger clan, there is a mutual agreement that the seal is like the mafia’s seal and the only way is death.

But Anna has a rare chance to open up a dagger-free existence for herself-and we just want her to seize this opportunity.

Anna Duggar Can End Her Marriage. Two of Her Sisters Have. Source link Anna Duggar Can End Her Marriage. Two of Her Sisters Have.

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