Animal advocates call on community to adopt from local shelters | News

Animal advocates in Kern County are hoping a no-fee adoption event this weekend will help address a “heartbreaking” situation as local shelters have been overwhelmed by animals in recent months.

The city of Bakersfield is partnering with Best Friends Animal Society for National Pet Adoption Weekend, and Assemblyman Vince Fong is hosting his office’s fourth annual Free Adoption Fair with Kern County Animal Services through Saturday.

Both locations have hundreds of animals looking for homes and offer pets at no charge.

“We are looking for people to come out and take in the huge number of pets we currently have in the shelter,” said Julie Johnson, executive director of the Bakersfield Animal Care Center and the Bakersfield SPCA.

In recent months, the number of pets being surrendered has been steadily increasing, he said. “Unfortunately, the Fourth of July also hit us hard,” he said.

Just this month, the city shelter has taken in 449 dogs, Johnson said, and only about 50 of those dogs have been returned to their owners.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Johnson said. “These dogs are lost. These dogs lived in houses before coming here. These are not – people always say ‘alborras’ – but they are not really because the street people were in a house.”

Johnson called on community members to come out and help turn city facilities into no-kill shelters by giving a pet a home. This month the shelter had to euthanize 104 dogs, because although the shelter was able to save 225 dogs by working with partners like Best Friends Animal Society, there is not enough room to take in all the animals.

Fong shared the same message Friday from Kern County Animal Services, which she said faces a similar challenge, during the weekend event.

“The shelter is definitely overcrowded right now and we’re trying to find loving forever homes for these animals,” Fong said, noting that there are more than 200 animals there, including cats, dogs and even a few horses.

“As someone who has two rescue dogs that have definitely improved my life and given me so much love,” she said, “I know firsthand the value and importance these animals can play in our lives.”

Animal advocates call on community to adopt from local shelters | News Source link Animal advocates call on community to adopt from local shelters | News

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