Angels help Jose Rojas realize his lifelong dreams –

Tempe, Arizona-A few days after receiving the news from Joe Maddon, Jose Rojas was still struggling to handle it.

“It’s pretty surreal,” Rojas said on Saturday, two days after the Angels manager told him he would be on the Angels opener’s roster. “It hasn’t really sunk yet. If we started, it would be. I’ve worked with it for the rest of my life, and I’m glad the opportunity has come.”

28-year-old Rojas has hit hard throughout his minor league career, but his defensive questions have prevented him from hitting big league shots or even getting a lot of attention from prospectists. ..

But Madone said Rojas showed enough defense this spring to give him a chance. There was no doubt about his bat. Rojas is 10 to 32 (.313), with two home runs and 1.090 OPS this spring. He is a minor and has a career of .852 OPS, including .938 in 2019 at Triple-A.

The Angels, who beat Jeremy Reed, a minor league batting coordinator, said he was excited about Rojas’ chances.

“We’ve seen him reach every level. We’ve seen him out there, competing hard every day, waiting for the opportunity he’s trying to get.” Said Reed. “He’s a hit at every level, why doesn’t he hit here? I’m really happy with this story. The icing on the cake is where he came from the area. He’s a family around He will experience what he worked hard to achieve. ”

Born in Anaheim, Lojas attended Anaheim High, Fullerton College, and Vanguard University in Southern California, Costa Mesa. The Angels chose him in the 36th round of the 2016 draft.

When he started playing the exhibition game on a second regular basis, it became increasingly clear that they eventually got him to see the location of the roster. It was revealed on Wednesday night when the angels sent out all the other Nakano candidates.

Rojas is expected to be the first, second and third backup. He can also play with the left fielder.

On Thursday, Madone had a happy encounter with Lohas. Madone said he “defeated the bushes” with Lohas before finally dropping the news that he had formed a team. He said Rojas took it calmly.

“I think I seemed calm, but that was definitely incredible news,” Rojas said. “I couldn’t help but be excited. He told me it was time to give me a shot. I was ready. It was time to get to work.”

Bullpen update

With the news that Rojas won his last job on the bench, the Angels Bullpen is all that must be decided before the roster for the first day of next week has to be set.

Five of the spots appear to be trapped in right-handed Raisel Iglesias, Tybatry, Junior Galley, Mike Mayers, and left-handed Alex Claudio.

The other three spots are from a group that includes right-handed Aaron Sleggers, Jaime Barrier, Chris Rodrigues, and left-handed Patrick Sandoval.

The Slegers are like rock, unless you have a problem with the back cramps that caused you to miss a few weeks’ worth of cactus league games. He threw only five innings without allowing him to run. Madone said that even if he felt healthy after spring with relatively few innings, that was enough.

“If you’re an experienced relief pitcher like him, that’s okay,” Madone said. “When you make up a Major League Baseball team, one of the questions you have to answer when looking at a group is” Do you trust this guy? ” Do you feel like you know what you can expect? I think he falls into that category. ”

Another variable is that the Angels can add people who aren’t currently on the roster. On Saturday, they officially signed a minor league deal with veteran AJ Ramos. It’s unclear how much time Ramos needs to prepare before becoming a roster candidate.

The market is also full of right-handed Shane Greene pitched for the Braves when free-agent relief pitchers, especially Angels GM Perry Minassian, were there. Many pitchers have been released by other teams in the last few days, and there is potential for trading.

Felix Peña also believes he will join the Angels Bullpen shortly after the season. Peña, who begins the injured list season with hamstring issues, “has made great strides,” Madone said.

Angels help Jose Rojas realize his lifelong dreams –

Source link Angels help Jose Rojas realize his lifelong dreams –

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