Andrew Spencer Apologizes for Hurtful Old Tweets: I Am NOT That Person Anymore

Social media, humor, zeitgeist, and how these concepts interact have evolved significantly over the last decade.

Since then, many have grown and changed.

Andrew Spencer is not the first People, above single Or otherwise, be bothered by his past tweets.

He now understands that they really hate to make jokes and make jokes. He is no longer that person.

As well as a 26-year-old professional soccer player, he participated in the taping of the Men Tell All Special.

He is widely recognized as a contestant for Katie Thurston’s season.

But his problematic and offensive tweets weren’t overlooked.

Andrew worked on that problematic social media history at Entertainment Tonight.

Of course, given how emotional and dramatic his farewell from Katie was, he needed to speak more.

However, most of the tweets that were posted between 2011 and 2014 had to be discussed.

Andrew’s old tweets, some 10 years old and some not so old, were terrible.

Some hated fat. Some were racially insensitive (at best). Some were dripping with misogyny.

Some of these were once En VogueBut that doesn’t mean they weren’t as harmful at the time as they are now.

To complicate matters, in 2014 Andrew made some potential signs.

Seven years ago, he became interested in becoming his next bachelor’s degree.

Unfortunately, not all his clowns are part of an era that is gone.

Just last year, Andrew tweeted that shameful former president Donald Trump was “cheerful.”

Sometimes the context can explain something ironic.

But even before a crowd of Trump supporters attacked Capitol Hill, Trump was a lot-but not cheerful.

“It’s really immature,” Andrew confessed while talking to Entertainment Tonight.

“I own it,” he emphasized.

“And,” Andrew emphasized, “I haven’t downplayed anything about it.”

“I’m really sorry that people had to look at that side of me,” Andrew said.

“Obviously you don’t want to hide it,” he added.

“It’s part of my life, and I own it,” Andrew said.

“But that’s far from who I am today,” Andrew asserted in his interview.

“I clearly show it every day,” he added.

Andrew said he showed this “in the way I speak.”

“If my mom had seen those tweets, she would certainly yell at my ass,” Andrew commented.

Obviously, domestic violence is not a laugh, but it is (unfortunately) a common expression.

Andrew had more to say.

According to him, the tweet is “100 percent, not who I am.”

“And it’s not who my family raised me to,” he added.

“”[I’m] “I was definitely disappointed and embarrassed about it,” Andrew added.

There are three main factors in how to approach problematic old tweets and similar statements.

Honesty, proximity, rigor, and growth.

Honesty is whether they meant cruelty at the time or were they “jokes”.

Proximity is the question of how long ago the statement was made. A few months ago it wasn’t a “long time”.

The severity was how terrible it was-whether they made a bad joke or threw a slur, they Proposal for DM Suicide for Teens??

Growth does not conquer everything, but it is arguably the most important of these. Who are they now?

Andrew Spencer Apologizes for Hurtful Old Tweets: I Am NOT That Person Anymore Source link Andrew Spencer Apologizes for Hurtful Old Tweets: I Am NOT That Person Anymore

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