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They have not stopped the Olympics at this time. Criticize the ventilator and move forward at full speed.

Also, it doesn’t really matter. On July 8th, it was announced that fans would not be allowed to enter the venue in Tokyo.

That is, there is record time and record distance, and the elite will be offered gold, silver and bronze, but the winner will have to put a medal on his neck. Endorsement contracts flow from there, with historical certainty.

But not in a tactile sense, there is no Olympics. If you don’t have the world at hand, you only have an empty intersection.

The main reasons for justifying the Olympics are the bleachers, bars, streets and subway people. The global congregation is everything. There is a wealthy tennis player sitting in the same cafeteria as a wrestler for 40 hours of work. At 2:00 am, there is a drinking fountain where any of the 12 national anthems can occur.

Discus players and open water swimmers have immeasurable victorious smiles on their faces that can be claimed to be the best in the world one day when it becomes a problem until the last breath. And whenever those moments happen, there is joy from the stand. It’s not a roar of retaliation against the loser, but a pure celebration of the champion.

In the history of sports noise Never made a sound When she came out of the final curve, like the one Cathy Freeman produced in Sydney in 2000, she was clearly a 400-meter winner, with Aboriginal people running everything. There were 112,254 people at the Olympic Stadium that night, watching an adult girl who once won a youth race but wasn’t allowed to receive medals. Together their screams have become almost physical, like a meteorological system.

But in London nine years ago, it was almost as noisy when the world somehow died like a stone when it heard a bang that unleashed Usain Bolt on a record of another 100 meters.

It was almost as noisy in Atlanta in 1996 when Michael Johnson fulfilled his ridiculous courage and set a world record in 400 and then another in 200.

The Olympics are Brazilian fans who turn every desktop, every seatback, every piece of furniture into a percussion instrument.

They are Austrian fans, waving flags and flags for alpine skiing heroes and quivering together while waiting for a long time to see the redneck down the hills.

The Olympics cannot be transformed into a neutron bomb landing site. You can’t isolate people from the competition. Nowadays, there is no other place where the world gathers, strangers get to know, people unflag and find true nationalism. It’s a celebration without separation.

When 22,000 Canadians attended Alexander Bilodo’s gold medal award ceremony in 2010 — not to see him win a mogul skiing event, but just to receive a necklace — it’s important who they win It showed that. But it wasn’t for conquest. It was to salute a lonely man who trained and sacrificed, bringing together a divided country on the side of the glorious Canadian mountains.

Yes, we did it before without fans.When showing signs of causing the Tour de France dismantling derby, or when peppering a Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel with laser pointer, We start thinking again that we can do without them.

It’s true that the 2020 NBA Finals were enthusiastically held at two gymnasiums in Orlando, but few people pressed their noses or turned on the flat screen. Same as the World Series, especially Mad Cap Game 4.

All players said they wanted to share those moments with the real crowd. It sounds very nice and charitable. But many Olympic athletes really share it. They hang out and sample all the sports and smell the deep scent of roses for the first time in four years. They seem to like being part of something that looks bigger than them.

That is the point of the game. They are no bigger than us. They are us. They weren’t Valhalla, there was no tragedy, scandals, injustice, and no corporate dollar mainstreaming.

They are also exhausted and emotional, very, very noisy. You now have the Olympics that require a mute button.

It’s a pity that we can’t pause.

An Olympics that keeps the world away? It hardly seems worth it – Press Telegram Source link An Olympics that keeps the world away? It hardly seems worth it – Press Telegram

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