Amy Slaton: I’m at 27 Weeks! I Can Feel My Baby Hiccup!

Amy Slaton is over halfway, people.

And he simply couldn’t be more excited.

The 1000-lb Sisters star has constantly kept its fans and followers up to date on their status during their second pregnancy. This is the last time he has told anyone interested that he is 27 weeks old.

Simply put?

“27 weeks baby !!!” wrote Amy the next meme as a caption on Monday.

As you can see, the graphic – taken from a popular app – depicts the baby’s progress at nearly seven months and reveals that the future person is now about 14 and a half inches tall and weighs two. pounds.

The True Star added an explanation for her son’s future development.

Amy Slaton 27 weeks

“Your baby’s eyelids, which have been thawed, can now open and close, and he may blink in response to the light,” Slaton explained on the same website.

“If you point a flashlight at your stomach, you might feel like he’s fluttering and swinging.”

“Take note of any small rhythmic movements you may feel in your baby’s hiccups that may be common from now on.”

How cool, right?!?

Amy previously weighed 136 pounds to be healthy enough to carry a baby.

She is already the mother of a boy named Gage, and Amy has said she will do her best to stay healthy during this second pregnancy.

But it has been challenging.

And he has not always succeeded.

For example, Slaton admits she still burns while pregnant.

“I don’t use alcohol. I smoked a cigarette a day, about 20, now I’ve dropped to about five a day. I’m trying to reduce it,” Amy told The Sun this spring and added. at the moment:

“I feel like I’m losing weight with this baby because I’m eating right …

“[Gage] eat healthy so i eat healthy. But I have sugar here just in case my sugar drops, because with this baby my sugar drops to the 40s, with Gagen it was always high. “

While her siblings are struggling with their balloon-accelerating weight these days in detoxification (good luck, Tammy!), Amy stays happy at home with her husband, Michael Halterman.

In February, he spoke about his future at TLC, openly considering whether he would be open for the fourth production season of the 1000-lb Sisters.

“It was easy at first,” Amy explained to The Sun about filming the series. “But now that I have Gage, he doesn’t want me out of sight.

“I feel like I’m a bad mom when I’m at work. She’s always with Grandma when I photograph and change. I feel like I’m wasting valuable time.”

However, in a recent TikTok comment, Tammy Slaton strongly hinted that another season was coming.

And Amy sounds good … under certain circumstances.

“If they cut me down and make it more [sister] Tammy and [brother] Chris, I’m fine, ”he said two months ago about his situation and what would help him return next year.

“Give me two days a week.

“Gage has only a lot in an instant, and when I’m pregnant, I’m tired now.”

Amy Slaton: I’m at 27 Weeks! I Can Feel My Baby Hiccup! Source link Amy Slaton: I’m at 27 Weeks! I Can Feel My Baby Hiccup!

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