Amy Slaton: Brand New Baby, Brand New Hair!

Changes are coming for Amy Slaton.

Or to be more specific, let’s say the changes are on her head for Amy Slaton.

Late last week, the 1,000lb Sisters star uploaded a couple of new photos of her newborn son Glenn, but Amy managed to shade the baby this time.

By dying her hair purple!

“Before bed hugs!” Slaton captioned the snapshot below and added the image immediately above:

“Gage wanted to hold Glenn. My heart is full tonight…”

The TLC personality and her husband Michael welcomed their first child into the world in November 2020; and then Glenn came along just this month.

The reality star’s baby boy arrived on July 5 via c-section…weighing in at 5 pounds. 11 oz and 17.5 inches at birth.

“The wait is finally over… Michael and I are happy to announce the birth of our son Glenn Allen Halterman,” Amy told People Magazine a few weeks ago, adding at the time:

“The birth was a huge success and now I have both my miracle boys; our family is perfect.”

Slaton worked extremely and unusually hard to create this family as well.

The mother of two had gastric bypass surgery a couple of years ago, thanks to which she became pregnant safely.

Previously, Amy had expressed hesitation of returning to the small screen due to his parental responsibilities.

But People Magazine broke some amazing news when it broke the news of Glenn’s arrival.

Wrote the point of sale at the time and confirmed the renewal of the series:

1000-lb fans. The sisters will get an inside look at Amy’s pregnancy and motherhood journey as it will be documented in the TLC show’s upcoming fourth season.

“I really don’t want to do another season because I’m pregnant, it’s just a lot. If they cut my hours, I’ll probably be fine,” Amy told The Sun earlier this year.

“Last season I worked every day for weeks renovating the house, and Gage, plus Tammy and my mom.

“It was just a lot last year and I can’t do it.”

All in all, though, Amy (and, we assume, her sister Tammy) have agreed to a new deal.

1000-lb Sisters Photo

As for Slaton’s semi-radical makeover, which she debuted in these new baby photos?

“Omg! Beautiful!” one commenter sighed.

“Beautiful family! WTG Amy and Michael!” added another.

“This is SUCH a cute picture,” someone else wrote.

Poster by Amy Slaton

Earlier last week, Amy shared the first photos of Glenn in social media.

In the caption, she talked about motherhood and the way her older son Gage has taken to his big brother.

“Omg Glenn 2 weeks,” her caption read at the time.

“How time flies when you’re making your dreams come true. Gage is learning how to be the best big brother ever. Even watches Glenn sleep. Watching over him. #TrueBlessed.”


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