Amy Duggar to Fans: Please Don’t Cancel Me Over Roe v. Wade!

Amy Duggar has earned several new fans in recent months.

And last week, he alienated many of these new results.

On Friday, Amy praised the Supreme Court for overturning the Roe v. Wade case, a 1973 landmark decision that has protected the reproductive rights of American women for nearly 50 years.

Turns out Amy was a big fan of this decision.

Amy reacted

And he decided to share that excitement with his 88,000 Twitter followers.

The abortion IS REVERSED !!! THANK YOU JESUS ​​!! “Amy tweeted.

The answer was less than positive, and many demanded a boycotted Amy’s clothing boutique.

The reaction to Amy’s original tweet was quick and harsh.

“Total insult, fk Amy,” one person replied.

“The availability of safe abortions has been revoked. This is not a good thing!” another added.

Amy Duggar title crop (June 3, 2022)Amy Duggar title crop (June 3, 2022)

“Would you be like this if your cousin had become pregnant with one of her siblings?” the third asked.

Yeah, Amy has criticized Josh Duggarbut it seems that her support for women’s rights is not as universal as her fans might have hoped.

As news of Amy’s sample spread, criticism became even more intense.


On Instagram, Amy shared screenshots of the showy DM messages she received from an angry fan.

“Can you imagine being so shitty that you’re celebrating the woman’s removal of bodily autonomy?” this person asked.

“Also, if you’re what Christianity is all about, I’ll be happy to dismiss it,” they continued.

Amy Duggar in the sunAmy Duggar in the sun

Amy chose the highway, but once again her view of the situation seemed a privilege.

“Let’s talk and we won’t attack,” he replied. “I’m not a clip, nor are you. So let’s end the nomination and have a matter-of-fact discussion.”

Maybe it’s more polite than Amy’s occasional critic deserved.

Amy Duggar from the carAmy Duggar from the car

But at the same time, Amy tries to be a nuanced centrist in a matter where it really isn’t possible.

Simply put, if abortion is banned in America, millions of people will be denied access to proper medical treatment, and many will die as a result.

People like Amy who want Roe to overthrow because of their religious views believe this is an acceptable sacrifice.


Amy Duggar will vote in 2020Amy Duggar will vote in 2020

This is not an issue on which the parties are likely to reach a mutually satisfactory compromise.

But Amy used to be one of the few Duggars well-liked by non-far-rightists, and she’s not willing to give it up yet.

“No one deserves to be appointed or attacked. We can disagree on anything,” he continued.

Amy may be surprised to hear that most people are not willing to “disagree” when it comes to life or death.

“I choose to be kind even to hostile people,” Amy continued.

“I understand why so many people are terrified and upset right now,” the former reality star continued.

Amy Duggar: My family is simply fucked!Amy Duggar: My family is simply fucked!

“I’ve already said I have questions too … I think we all just want answers.”

Again, Amy seems to have misinterpreted the situation:

Most people who support reproductive rights already have all the answers they need.

They want change now.

Amy Duggar to Fans: Please Don’t Cancel Me Over Roe v. Wade! Source link Amy Duggar to Fans: Please Don’t Cancel Me Over Roe v. Wade!

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