Amy Duggar to Anna Duggar: Be Strong. Be Loud. Leave Josh… NOW!

Amy Dagger sent Anna Dagger a clear and urgent message.

Indirectly, just in case.

But you don’t need a powerful microscope to read between the lines of text that Amy wrote on social media.

The only question right now is … Will Anna listen?

Over the past few weeks, multiple members of this infamous family have Josh Duggar arrested for child pornography Fee.

The father of six, pregnant with a seventh child, was detained in federal government on April 28 for downloading hundreds of photos of minors being sexually abused and assaulted. It was.

Since then, Josh’s brothers and parents have spoken loosely about how they wanted the truth to be revealed and kept Josh’s loved ones in prayer.

But Amy?

Jim Bob’s niece wasn’t particularly close to his cousins ​​and lived a life that didn’t follow the strict rules of the Daggers.

Last week, the 34-year-old said, “I would like to express my deepest condolences to the innocent, sweet victims.”

“I just say that everything you do in the dark comes true in the light.

“If you intend to see such an unpleasant and offensive image, justice must be done.”

Continue to Amy:

“When I look at my little boy, 19 months old … my mind and brain can’t understand it.

“that is Sad, disgusting and evilIt’s very bad. I don’t want to get involved. “

Sad, disgusting and evilTo summarize what Josh has reported to have done very well, isn’t it?

The day after making the above quote at The Today Show, Amy tweeted:

“I wish I could protect all my dear children from evil monsters.”

Here is another clear reference to Josh.

Amy says she’s a monster..

But, of course, there is a problem here. Anna did not leave her husband after confessing that she had been molested by a girl at the age of 14 in 2015.

She didn’t part with him after confessing that he was having an affair with a woman he met online.

And in this latest, truly nauseating scandal, she shows no sign of breaking up with him.

According to at least one source Anna believes Josh is innocent Some believe that she basically has no choice because of financial and / or religious pressure from her parents-in-law.

Whatever is passing Anna Dagger’s head at the moment, Amy is about to break through.

“Women, don’t try to live as small, quiet, comfortable and convenient as possible,” she said.

“Speak your heart, even if your voice trembles. Do not agree with extreme forms of humility, and own your beauty, your intellect, and your energy.

“Always be violent and silent.”

Amy King 1

As you can see, Amy doesn’t name Anna.

It’s pretty clear what she’s talking about here and to whom she’s delivering this important message.

She wasn’t over either.

Amy once again continued to share what seemed to be so many citations to women who thought their opinions and feelings were not important.

Don’t let anyone dull you. Don’t let anyone rob you of your voice, your opinions, your dreams. That’s what makes you you.We are not all made the sameRead as ,.

We are not robots!

Do not follow human-made rules. And don’t even think for a moment that you don’t deserve love.

You are worth living a fulfilling life full of adventure, curiosity and freedom.

Amy King 2

You said it well, right?

Do these messages affect Anna?

We unfortunately doubt it.

She is pregnant, cares for six other children, and lives on the property of Jim Bob and Michelle. We are convinced that we are completely trapped in her situation.

But at least Amy is trying, right?

I must praise her efforts.

Amy Duggar to Anna Duggar: Be Strong. Be Loud. Leave Josh… NOW! Source link Amy Duggar to Anna Duggar: Be Strong. Be Loud. Leave Josh… NOW!

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