Amy Duggar Pens Open Letter to Anna Duggar, BEGS Cousin to Divorce Vile Husband

So much for rolling the bushes.

Or simply words.

Or speak extensively, mysteriously, and / or in any generalization.

Amy Duggar has spoken directly to her cousin and written an open letter to Anna Duggar on Instagram asking for the mother of seven children to file for divorce.

“Anna, I feel compassion for you. No woman wants to be in your shoes,” Amy wrote next to the picture above, where she and Anna hug.

“You are not faced with an impossible decision and you are surrounded by the wrong kind of support.

“You have been taught since childhood that marriage is eternal, and you prayed that God would send you a partner.

“You have built a life and a family with him. You did not choose any of these, and neither did your children.”

Amy is referring here, of course, to Josh Duggar, who was convicted in December of two child sexual abuses.

A jury of former reality star peers ruled that Josh had uploaded sexually horrific videos and photos of children under the age of 12.

She will be sentenced to federal prison on May 25, and Amy wrote part of this long message in response to a letter Anna recently sent to the judge… where he stamped his wife’s “dedicated family father” and asked for a lenient sentence.

Amy stated in the message that “I will not follow you with any hard love” and assured her cousin that “this is simply in my heart and I can only express it.”

He then quoted the above letter, as well as other letters submitted to the judge this spring, deciding how many years Josh will spend behind bars.

“I cried when I read a letter your own father wrote in support of your husband this week,” Amy continued.

“No wonder you have a hard time knowing what to do to protect your own children – you’ve probably never had an example there. It’s awful and I’m so sorry about that. ”

All in all, Anna is not going to divorce Josh – despite this conviction and despite Josh admitting his infidelity in 2015.

He betrayed his wife with the women he met on the adultery website Ashley Madison.

“If no one else in your life says that, you have to understand that resigning from Josh is not a disgrace,” Amy stressed in her note.

“One day your kids will be old enough to understand what kind of guy their father really is. You can’t protect them from the truth forever!”

Amy Annalle

Amy, the niece of Jim Bob Duggar, has been estranged from almost every Duggar for years.

However, he mostly avoided the press and the spotlight until Josh was arrested a year ago.

Since then, Amy has not been able to remain silent given the gravity of Josh’s crimes and the reactions of her parents and a few loved ones.

At various times, Amy has thrown Joshi in the trash as an “evil”, a “monster” and said she deserves to receive the last sentence is at least 20 years.

Amy continued her message, raising Anna’s children again as follows:

“I say all this in public so that when they grow up they also know that their family members are shouting from the roof that they had to be protected all the time.

“Your children look at you so much …

“Be the good role model they need in their lives.”

Amy, who shares a son named Dax with her husband Dillon, wrote that she and her husband are “more than willing to help” Anna moves on and added:

“Josh has chosen how history remembers him. By staying and supporting him, you let him choose it for you too.

“And I know that resisting all of this now seems impossible, but as a mother, your instincts to protect your children must always be stronger than your fears.

“The only people you would be upset to leave are those who are willing to sacrifice the safety of you and your children to protect Josh and his secrets.”

Anna and Josh were married in 2008 and have seven children:

Mackynzie (born October 2009), Michael (June 2011), Marcus (June 2013), Meredith (July 2015), Mason (September 2017) and Maryella (November 2019) Madyson Lilly (born October 2021).

Anna Duggar has spoken little in public since her husband was arrested, but several movements just received a letter she wrote to the aforementioned judge in March.

“My children and I rely on Joshua for financial, mental and physical support. Many others are also dependent on Joshua,” it reads.

“Joshua sees the best in people and is willing to walk alongside them to help make their dreams come true.”

For him Amy raged on Twitter in response to these words of Anna, not to mention the corresponding words of support from Michelle Duggar.

“First of all, Josh is funny, charismatic, friendly and all that my aunt listed in the letter,” she wrote on social media last week.

“But he has a gloomy side. The side that makes your skin crawl.

“You can’t ignore what he did years ago and what he stayed to see! Are they misleading?”

Amy Duggar Pens Open Letter to Anna Duggar, BEGS Cousin to Divorce Vile Husband Source link Amy Duggar Pens Open Letter to Anna Duggar, BEGS Cousin to Divorce Vile Husband

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