Amusement Rides Reopen at Belmont Park in Mission Beach – NBC 7 San Diego

With the amusement park rides in place, Belmont Park’s seven most popular attractions reopened on Thursday. Resume under the red layer..

For the first time in almost a year, people have been able to ride the iconic Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster at Belmont Park. I am 96 years old this year.

“Kids just enjoy riding. We love roller coasters. He’s finally old enough for him to ride it,” said Season Passholder Marie McCulley. ..

McCulley and her son spent many years couping. This was one day they didn’t seem to miss.

“I’m very happy that they went to school for the first time on Monday, so I’m really looking forward to going out,” McCulley said.

The park’s restaurants and some outside attractions remained open during the pandemic, but there are visible differences in the expression of visitors on Thursday.

“People’s faces tell us that we’re waiting for this, just as we’ve been waiting for about a year,” Belmont Park spokeswoman Daniela Bauer told NBC 7.

According to Bauer, ride operators have additional face covers for those who didn’t bring them themselves, and each attraction has a hand sanitizer station. The combination of reopened vehicles and spring break can make it difficult to stay within the limits of health law, Bauer said.

“There are a lot of rules, but we’re also working on a fun business, and we want to balance that with the guest experience,” says Bauer.

The Big Dipper is also a great help for nearby businesses like Chicken Charlies. General manager Michelle Bushy says the receipt for the day is twice as much as last week.

“It almost made me cry. It’s been almost a year just to see the roller coaster go again,” she said.

Prior to COVID-19, Bauer says Belmont Park attracted 2 million people annually, but this year it will not reach its attendance bar.

On April 1, the Red Tier county amusement park was able to secure up to 15% capacity for indoor facilities. Although indoor meals should be kept closed.

Amusement Rides Reopen at Belmont Park in Mission Beach – NBC 7 San Diego Source link Amusement Rides Reopen at Belmont Park in Mission Beach – NBC 7 San Diego

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