Amino acid supplementation beneficial after fracture fixation

For adults enduring traumatic injury, the addition of essential amino acids (CEAA) is associated with a reduction in post-surgery complications, according to a study published online March 14 in Journal of Bone & Coalition.

Nathan R. Hendrickson, MD, from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, and his colleagues conducted a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to study the impact of CEAA supplementation on complications and conflicts. skeletal muscle mass between adults after surgery for acute fractures. Four hundred adults were admitted and randomly assigned to either a standard diet or CEAA (200 participants each).

The researchers found that overall conflicts were significantly lower for the CEAA group with the control group (30.5 and 43.8 percent; relative risk, 0.71). At 6 weeks, the amount of fat (FFM) decreased significantly in control subjects (-0.9 kg) and was maintained in CEAA subjects (-0.33 kg). In the following cases, this difference was not observed in FFM.

“Our results show that this is relatively inexpensive, with minimal risk of complications after fracture repair,” the authors write. “This study will serve as the basis for a number of RCTs designed to assess the impact of CEAA protein protection in reducing stress and functional muscle loss in high-risk individuals.”

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Nathan R. Hendrickson et al, The Importance of Amino Acid Protection Reduces Problems After Working Out Muscle After Determining Fractures, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (2022). DOI: 10.2106 / JBJS.21.01014

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