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Due to the COVID protocol, the American Canyon men’s basketball team has been off the court since December 30, the day before the ball fell to Times Square.

Apparently, the wolf was rusty and would have been out of sync with Thursday’s attack on visiting Napa. Instead, American Canyon players appeared to be auditioning for a younger version of Harlem Globetrotter with transition and backdoor passes, finger rolls, and non-competitive dunks.

The result was the Grizzlies 88-57 rout, which he visited in the play of the Vine Valley Athletic League.

American Canyon senior swingman Mikey Pierce finished at the beginning of the third quarter with 15 points, including two straight dunks. Pierce said he wasn’t surprised that his team was so fluid, despite a long layoff.

“We always have chemistry,” Peace said. “(Wednesday) We did a really good practice. Everyone is back. It took a while because 5 players were positive on the test, but they are all back. This is really. It’s exciting. ”

American Canyon players celebrate Thursday when the wolf defeats Napa 88-57. (Chris Riley / Times-Herald)

American Canyon (8-5, 2-0) led 20-8 after the quarter and 44-22 in half-time.

The game was 9-4 before two foul shots from Raekwon Bell set fire to the 11-4 spurt to end the quarter. After two free throws, Pierce and Max Palmigiani both had steel and a bucket to force the Grizzlies to call a timeout.

Bell scored 10 out of 12 points in the first quarter. He added 7 rebounds.

“My teammates were moving the ball well and I was in the right place at the right time,” Bell said.

Napa approached 9 points to 22-13 with 3 points (22 points) from Miles McPherson at the beginning of the second quarter, but a jumper from Hassan Fleming started a 13-0 run for the wolf. .. CJ Mitchell had three straight buckets during the spurt.

Its execution came from the second unit of the wolf, which may be even more frustrating for the Grizzlies (2-14, 0-3).

“I haven’t seen the kids for nearly two weeks,” said wolf head coach Scott Hayburn. “The practice went really well because they stepped in on the night of the court (Wednesday) and were so excited to come back. All of these kids remember what they were doing when they were closed last year. It really hurt us. At that time we were 5-1 in the league. We were rolling. ”

If Napa was thinking of a comeback, it collapsed early in the third quarter. Palmigani made a jumper, and then Pierce transformed two straight breakaway dunks to get the crowd up. Pierce had almost a third straight dunk, but Napa discontinued the attempt.

“I have never had three dunks in a row,” Pierce laughed. “I had three dunks in the game, but they weren’t in a row.”

Palmigani also scored 12 points and Julius Wade added 10 points from the bench. Mitchell lacked with 8 points.

Hayburn said his team has rescheduled matches against Casa Grande, Justin Siena and San Lorenzo.

“The future schedule is going to be crazy,” he said. “For the rest of the season, there are three or four games each week. It will be a pace, but as you can see, the kids are in great shape. They can run up and down the court. You can. There are many players. ”

American Canyon’s Jake Laron climbed together on Thursday when the wolf defeated Napa 88-57. (Chris Riley / Times-Herald)

Hayburn said he emptied the bench on Thursday with a large margin, although he may only be able to go with a rotation of eight people during a regular match.

“I like being able to skim every day no matter what,” he said. “Because we know that COVID is in vogue, we are always injured and the kids are traveling for vacation, so I took a very big team. The 13th to 18th were pretty open that they wouldn’t play much, but they actually went out and asked if they wanted to play hard and bust their ass. Sometimes they will be rewarded tonight. They were rewarded. ”

The American Canyon junior national team won 51-30.


American Canyon 88, Napa 57

Next Match: Saturday vs. Sonoma Valley: 7:00 pm

American Canyon High boys basketball team slams Napa – Times-Herald Source link American Canyon High boys basketball team slams Napa – Times-Herald

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