Amazon raises total layoffs to 18,000, highest in tech industry

In November 2022, Amazon will (AMZN)- Get Free Report Approximately 10,000 workers will be laid off.

The layoffs could begin immediately that week, it said, focusing on the company’s devices, retail and human resources divisions.

Amazon issued a weak holiday Earnings The company also announced slower growth in its Web services business, although third-quarter earnings beat Wall Street expectations.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy told investors, “We recognize there are still many opportunities to continue to improve productivity and cost efficiencies across our network.” According to TheStreet.

Amazon adds to total layoffs with new announcement

With the latest announcement on January 4th, the company boosted that number to more than 18,000. report.

This is the largest number of jobs lost at a single company in the technology sector last year.

The layoffs reportedly focus on corporate positions rather than warehouse jobs.

Jassy explained the report in the following blog post. About website.

“As part of our annual planning process for 2023, as we communicated in November, leaders across the company will work with teams to prioritize employee levels, future investments they want to make, and what matters most. We have been considering the long-term health of our customers and our business,” Jassy wrote. “Given the uncertain economy and rapid adoption over the past few years, this year’s review has been more difficult.”

“In November, we communicated the difficult decision to cut a number of positions across our devices and books business, and also made voluntary reduction offers to some employees in our People, Experience and Technology (PXT) organization. He also shared that the annual planning process is not yet complete and that further reductions are expected in early 2023. ”

“Today we wanted to share the results of these further reviews. This is a difficult decision to remove additional roles. We plan to remove more than 100,000 roles.A few teams will be affected, but the majority of role removals will be in Amazon stores and PXT organizations,” Jassy wrote. Amazon raises total layoffs to 18,000, highest in tech industry

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