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Amazon Expands Experimental Custom Clothing Service, made for you, which enables shoppers to create clothing that is precisely tailored to their body measurements. First launched in December 2020 with casual t shirtsis the retailer now Adding sports shirts which can be customized in nearly 50 different ways by choosing from different fits, necklines, sleeve lengths, colors and more. The shirts can also have your name printed on the tag as an added benefit.

To use Made for You, the customer measures their body with the Amazon app. You first enter your height, weight and body style and upload two photos. The 3D scanning technology from Made for You then uses this data to determine the customer’s body measurements. Of course, those who have ordered from Made for You in the past don’t need to repeat the process to purchase the new shirt – they can simply customize their new shirt and place an order.

While customers browse the different style options in the service, they can also visualize the fit of the shirt on an avatar through Made for You’s virtual try-on technology. This gives them a better idea of ​​what the clothes would look like on their own body.

According to Amazon, the new sports t-shirts are made from a soft, recycled polyester fabric with moisture-wicking and odor-control properties. In comparison, Made for You’s original product was a casual t-shirt that customers could choose from in either a soft, lightweight cotton blend or a slightly stretchy, mid-weight 100% Pima cotton fabric.

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If the tailored garment still doesn’t fit when it arrives, customers can change their measurements and receive a free replacement, the retailer notes.

While tailored clothing has traditionally been seen as a luxury option, Amazon’s goal has been to make tailored clothing more affordable for retail shoppers through the use of technology — with the added benefit of, of course, gaining lots of real-world data on customers’ body measurements as Amazon works on it to expand its own private label clothing lines. This is an area the company has previously explored with its Amazon Echo Look Camera which claimed to help users evaluate their styling choices, but largely appeared to be a way for Amazon to include data on consumers’ wardrobes and favorite styles. Today, that Alexa device is no longer available, but Amazon still has fit data from customer returns and from its try-at-home styling service, Prime Wardrobe.

News of the expansion of the service will follow shortly March launch of Walmart of AI-powered virtual try-on technology on its website and app for select garments, including its own portfolio of exclusive and private brands. Walmart had last year acquired virtual try-on startup Zeekit, which used real-time image processing, computer vision and deep learning techniques to show shoppers what they would look like in a specific item.

While the new Walmart feature wasn’t designed for tailored clothing, it’s similar to Made for You in the sense that part of the process involves using an avatar that resembles the shopper’s own body type.

Amazon hasn’t released any data on how well its custom clothing is selling, but notes that customer feedback has been positive.

The new tailored sports t-shirts retail for $25 and are available now made for youin addition to the $25 casual t-shirts.

Amazon expands its custom-fit clothing service ‘Made for You’ with athletic tees – TechCrunch Source link Amazon expands its custom-fit clothing service ‘Made for You’ with athletic tees – TechCrunch

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