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Swag has a long and spotted history in the business world. For each hip pair of plaid socks, there are five T-shirts that you can never wear, an itchy scarf, a notepad that your child might use, and an ugly mug. And best of all, perhaps thousands of dollars and a lot of time have been invested in realizing those gifts. Today, start-ups that have rethought the concepts behind corporate gifts and built services to make them more effective are announcing a funding round to keep their businesses growing.

Alyce, A start-up company in Boston, built an AI platform. The platform plugs into a variety of other apps to track interactions and relationships with others (sales prospects, business partners, colleagues) at work and use that information to give gifts. Personalize your recommendations. Raised $ 30 million for those people. This is Series B used to build the platform, register more users, and continue to hire more people to the team.

The round is led by General Catalyst and is attended by Boston Seed Capital, Golden Ventures, Manifest, Morningside and Victress Captial (all previous backers).

Alyce says it is working on the gift and promotional industry for companies that have grown 300% year-on-year between 2019 and 2020 and are estimated by ASI Market Research to be worth about $ 24.7 billion annually. I will. Today’s customers include Adobe’s Marketo, G2, Lenovo, Wex, Invision, DialPad, GrubHub, and 6Sense.

Also, like many other apps and services aimed at productivity and HR management, Alyce said that this year’s remote work tested many relationships and duties, leading to a flood of digital activities. It states (everything is on the screen) and will be played right now), and frankly burned out many of us — it also gave it a new kind of relevance.

“Last year, everyone was flooded with spam, causing a surge in unsubscribing,” Alyce founder and CEO Greg Segall said in a statement. “When a prospect opts out, it lasts forever. It’s clear that both the brand and the customer are anxious for the same thing. This is a much more purposeful and relevant way of engagement. “

Alyce’s contribution to higher quality engagement comes in the form of AI-powered personalization. By linking with other tools that users typically use to track communication with users, such as Marketo, Salesforce, Vidyard, Google’s email and calendar apps, the system provides details about what they intended and their preferences. It is built with several algorithms to build. Gift recipient. Then use it to create a list of items that might appeal to that person. Wider list it edited, About 10,000 items in total. These also include more traditional corporate stolen items such as socks and mugs. Then, instead of sending the actual gift, Swag Select will send you a gift code when Alyce’s service is called. This code allows users to select and use their own personalized, more refined list of items.

Alyce itself does not actually hold or distribute gifts. Connect with a third party to send gifts.

Yes, you might argue that much of this actually sounds very impersonal — gift providers are not directly involved in gift selection or sending, but are instead “selected” by AI. — Essentially personalized and recommended technology built to serve ads and offer products on e-commerce sites.

But on the other hand, it’s an interesting solution to the problem of what you’re trying to get to get someone. This can be difficult if you really know the person, and even more difficult if you don’t. After all, create and execute gestures about caring for them, not really the gifts themselves. (The gift list is based on the person’s observations about the recipient, so even if you go through the algorithm mill before it reaches you, you can actually claim that there are some personal touches here. .)

And, after all, the purpose of these gifts is not to say “I’m sorry for rudeness at dinner last night”, but to say “Thank you” or “Please buy more printer paper from me”. However … if this works, you may have the opportunity to extend your model to more use cases. For example, a brand looking for a way to change a direct mail marketing campaign, or someone who wants to apply a patch. After the spat.

In particular, General Catalyst is really interested in the larger gift category, showing the potential for how this service can be expanded in the future.

“At General Catalyst, we are proud to be able to lead the latest funding round as Alyce rethinks the gift category with technology and impact. General Catalyst Managing Director Larry Bourne said in a statement with the donor. The ability of both recipients to provide a satisfying product and experience is very strong.

Alyce, an AI-based personalised corporate gifting startup, raises $30M – TechCrunch Source link Alyce, an AI-based personalised corporate gifting startup, raises $30M – TechCrunch

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