Alternate routes to take while Highway 99 is closed

National highway No. 99 will be closed from June 11 due to the repair of the deck of the bridge.

Sacramento, CA — Highway Patrol, CA (CHP) warns drivers that some SR-99s will be shut down for several days. Also known as Highway 99, From June 11th.

“This is, in fact, a historic moment for the California Department of Transportation, perhaps the largest closure we’ve ever experienced in the California Department of Transportation and the Sacramento region,” said Angela Daprat, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Transportation. It ’s one. ”

And one of the fastest, DaPrato, explained that the closure was part of a plan to repair Highway 99 within 99 hours.

The crew has completely closed the 3.5-mile section from 8:00 pm on June 11 to 4:00 am on June 16 after 60 years of wear and tear on the deck of the highway bridge.

“The real meaning of this technique is to assemble bridges in different places, make sure all the bridges are fitted correctly, bring them there and then assemble them,” explains DaPrato. ..

This means that the driver needs to find an alternative route.

The highway will be closed from 47th Avenue to the US 50 interchange. The California Department of Transportation advises drivers to avoid traveling to the area. If the driver needs to commute, he or she must use the local transport light rail system, bus system, or I-5.

Click here for a complete list of closures and alternative routes.

“If you need to go on a trip, take Interstate 5. This is the designated route, but there are many companies in the corridors, so plan extra time for your trip. If not, it can take up to two hours, “said Amarjeet Benipal of CalTrans.

The California Department of Transportation recommends drivers either telework or carpool during closure. They also partner with SacRT to use the light rail for free, and drivers only need to download the leaflets from RT’s website.

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Alternate routes to take while Highway 99 is closed Source link Alternate routes to take while Highway 99 is closed

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