Ali Wong and Husband Justin Hakuta Divorce After 8 Years of Marriage

Ali Wong and he husband Justin Hakuta has decided to end the marriage after eight years together.

One source said People that despite the difference: “It’s friendly and they will continue to love together with their parents.” The couple first met at a friend’s wedding party in 2010 while Hakuta was still a student at Harvard Business School and a Fulbright Scholar. They succeeded, and four years later in November 2014, the couple married in San Francisco. A year later, they had their first daughter, Marin, and in 2017, their second daughter, Nikki, was born. Hakuta is now a successful entrepreneur and previously served as executive vice president of technology company GoodRx. He is also the son of Japanese American inventor and TV personality Ken Hakuta, also known as Dr. Fad.

This news comes just two months after Wong’s latest story special comedy, Don Wong, where she joked about the “middle age crisis” and wants to betray her husband now that she is rich and famous. He also confessed during the incident Netflix special: “Only other married people with children can feel the deep jealousy I feel for you, unmarried. You don’t know how free you are. You can eat food at 2pm, go to the aquarium and watch the jellyfish go back and forth. He continued,” You unmarried, you don’t know what it’s like to eat a cold quesadilla that a toddler has thrown on the floor because it’s easier to put it in your mouth than to travel to the trash when you’re playing for yourself. and yet, that exploitation of children is illegal! ”

Ali Wong also wrote about his marriage in his 2019 memoirs, Dear Girls: Intimate stories. Countless secrets and tips for living your best life, revealing that he signed the marriage before their wedding. As a result of this decision, she said she had become “more motivated to make her own money because I signed a document specifically telling me how much I couldn’t depend on my husband.” He added, “My father always praised the“ gift of fear. ”And that marriage terrified me quite terribly.After all, signing a marriage was one of the biggest things that has ever happened to me and my career.

This message appeared Vanity Fair.

Ali Wong and Husband Justin Hakuta Divorce After 8 Years of Marriage Source link Ali Wong and Husband Justin Hakuta Divorce After 8 Years of Marriage

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