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NEW ORLEANS – Catching COVID in January was a devastating ordeal for New Orleans rapper Alfred Banks. When the pandemic arrived in 2020, it nearly ended everything Banks had worked for his entire life.

The pandemic essentially ended a seven-year relationship and his 9-5 job. Several tour dates, shows and collaborations were cancelled. Ironically, the pandemic forced him to focus solely on his music – for the first time in his life.

And luck was on his side.

After a stint delivering food for Uber Eats Banks landed on his feet and is touring the country again.

Banks complements Zenger in his return to music.

Zenger: Are you satisfied with your latest project: “The Range 2”?

Banks: What I’ve been doing lately is showing my range as an artist and the different genres I can do. I feel like I pulled it off pretty well. It’s a series. The first one had four songs and this one has six. I’m spreading even more with the range. The reaction has been drugs. I just started a tour a few days ago and I’m thrilled with how people have received it.

After suffering through the hardships of COVID, Alfred Banks is enjoying the peak of the tour. (Alfred Banks)

Zenger: How far do you plan to go with this particular series?

Banks: I have no idea at the moment. As long as I’m in this mode, whatever strikes me is what I do. There’s only one project I’ve been planning for a while, and it’s coming out later this year. Other than that, I create from inspiration. I’m not a guy who writes just to write. I also do not think that far ahead. I go with the flow. I may do two more installments, I may do one more, I may not do any more. It depends on what mood I’m in.

Zenger: You seem to be in a great place now, but that wasn’t the case two years ago. The pandemic really did a number on your personal life and career.

Banks: I caught COVID in January [2020]. It was absorbed. Physically, it was bad, so to pass it was too nice. The pandemic was not a good time for me. I was in a long term relationship that ended. I had a day job at the time that ended due to COVID. I had 60 to 70 shows lined up – they all got cancelled. My whole livelihood, my whole life was uprooted and I had to start over.

It really forced me to go back to the basics of what gave me my name. I had to grind. From 2016-2019, I didn’t have to make as many calls as I used to. I didn’t have to send so many emails. I didn’t have to DM as much as before. People would just approach me and shut me down for events. These tours and festivals were happening naturally. COVID shut down everything. I had to figure things out. I was able to pull myself out of it.

I am grateful for that experience. I didn’t take music for granted, but I definitely don’t take it for granted now. Before COVID, I wasn’t a rapper for a living – now I am. It took the pandemic to really make things happen. June made my second year of being a full-time musician. I am blessed. I took a bad situation and made it work.

Zenger: Sometimes, you don’t realize how strong and resilient you are until you have no choice. Have you surprised yourself by how much you’ve overcome?

Banks: I really surprised myself. I’ve been through a lot in my life. I went through so much in those seven months, but then you fast forward to about 2021 and Hurricane Ida hits New Orleans. I had to deal with that at the top of the pandemic. All those things, grinding it out and working my ass off every day to make it happen and keep the dream alive.

For me to stand up now says a lot about my character. At any moment I could have gone a different way and started doing something else. I believed in my music enough to know that this wasn’t going to be forever. I know the connection I have with my fans is deep. These relationships were strengthened during the pandemic.

New Orleans rapper Alfred Banks demonstrates his musical range on his new project: “The Range 2.” (Alfred Banks)

I surprised myself at how I was able to overcome so much, especially doing it on my own. Now, continuing with PR Amplified, having a beautiful publicist [Angelique Phipps]an incredible manager, incredible teammates and booking agents really keep me going again.

Zenger: At one point, you delivered food for Uber Eats, right?

Banks: Indeed. From May 2020 to around July 2020, I was doing Uber Eats by bike. I was making $50 to $60 a day just trying to keep things going during the pandemic. During that time, I was still recording and doing functions when people would come over. I remember being in an Uber once that was specifically directed to do this big function. It was honestly because the bread [money] it was perfect. Knowing that someone would think too much of me to put on a record, emotions ran through me.

It all got to me, and I just cried in the Uber. It let me know that I would handle this bad situation. Uber Eats was a lifesaver. It helped me stand up. It helped me stay focused and showed me I was on to something. From that point, I was able to jump back into the show. Now, I’m back on tour. My first tour in three years and these are the things I was able to get back to because of that hard work.

Zenger: Since you’ve experienced the lows, how do you feel about the highs?

Banks: Increases feel amazing. Just last night, I did a show in Dallas with Devin The Dude, and the night before, I was in Austin, same situation. These are the kind of things that I don’t take for granted, and it feels amazing to be back doing these things on these bigger stages, introducing my music to the fans. Also, having people from Houston, Dallas and San Antonio drive to see me perform is an amazing feeling.

Seeing these people come to my shows with my merchandise on… I had a young girl come to the show who printed her T-shirt. It’s incredible to know that even after everything I’ve been through, people are still in tune with what I’ve done. This is a blessing.

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Alfred Banks Stays Upbeat, Resumes Music Career  – Westside Story Newspaper – Online Source link Alfred Banks Stays Upbeat, Resumes Music Career  – Westside Story Newspaper – Online

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