Alcohol changes brain activity differently in male and female mice

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Alcohol alters various amgydala functions in male and female mice. Credit: DiLeo et al., eNeuro 2022

Alcohol alters normal brain function in the amygdala of mice, but differently for male and female mice, according to a new study published in eNeuro.

Alcohol consumption often goes hand in hand with stress and anxiety, and the brain area called the amygdala is involved in both. Changes in collaboration computer workcalled oscillations, between areas such as the amygdala and prefrontal how may have an effect on anxiety and fear in rodents and humans. However it is not known how alcohol can affect the amygdala network to change behavior.

DiLeo et al. administer alcohol to mice and measure precise changes in oscillatory states in the amygdala. Alcohol affects various amygdala oscillations in the male as well female rats, especially after drinking alcohol regularly. In fact, the oscillatory status of women did not change at all after repeated alcohol consumption. The researchers repeated the experiment in mice with no specific receptor area associated with alcohol use and stress, resulting in behavioral network activity in females.

These results suggest that alcohol can cause amygdala to alter functional states, which can lead to changes in mood and fear.

Scientists are hunting for neurons responsible for removing alcohol

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Sexual differences in the alcohol substitution balance of the BLA network states, eNeuro (2022). DOI: 10.1523 / EURO.0010-22.2022

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Alcohol changes brain activity differently in male and female mice Source link Alcohol changes brain activity differently in male and female mice

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