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Alan Jouban’s final battle frustrated him. His fight on Saturday night excited him. And his next battle is a huge question mark.

The Los Angeles welterweight will be at the crossroads of a potential career when it enters the Octagon for the first time in 19 months to face Jared Guden at the UFC 255 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

Joban calls this the greatest battle in his life.

“This fight means everything to me, because I don’t know if it’s the last one,” a Louisiana native said in a telephone interview Thursday. “If it’s the last one, I want it to be the best. I want to make it special. That is, fighting means everything.”

Jouban (16-7) is not disillusioned with his career. He is a few days away from his 39th birthday.

His professional MMA career began almost 10 years ago in Lemoore, California, with 170-pound players fighting in Brazil, Australia, London and the City of Mexico in 12 UFC battles over the past six years.

But all the good things have to be done. Jouban knows that. When it’s all over, it’s unknown.

“If I’m completely honest … I feel good. I’m very happy to feel that way,” he said. His wife Nicole and his eight-year-old son Cage are in Las Vegas, but they can’t see him until the fight is over because of the coronavirus protocol.

“I know the end of my career is approaching-I’ll be 39 years after the fight-so I know it’s not that long. And that’s one I don’t know if it’s two fights or five fights, so for all of my career right now, play it every day. ”

One certainty is that Jouban leaves no doubt in this battle. At UFC 236 in April 2019, Jouban received what his opponent Derek Grant gave him, but not much. Jouban thought Grant had at least beat him and had an edge in Octagon control, as he backed up most of the fight.

In the first match of the Battle of Juban, Atlanta fans slowed down and then booed the results. This is a grant decision. One judge had Jouban 30-27 and Grant two 29-28 cards.

“It’s on fire, so I try not to look back too much,” he said.

Jouban knows that Guden (17-4) will raise some issues on Saturday. A 26-year-old from Atlanta, he has won the last three battles and has made his UFC debut as a slight vulnerable, but Jouban is pleased to face an aggressive fighter.

“Man, I feel I may not be as young as five years ago in this fight. I used to go out and be wild and punched, but of a more dangerous fighter I feel like. Not only smarter and smarter fighters, but also more dangerous fighters, “said Jouban.

The hardest part was reaching this battle. In addition to the coronavirus pandemic that destroyed most of 2020 for 19 months, Jouban had to recover from ACL surgery, hand and other knee injuries.

With downtime, Jouban recovered and became a better fighter, adding nuances to his game along the way.

In addition to training, Jouban has begun to make more comments as a UFC pre-match and post-match analyst, not for the first time in front of the camera.

Joban pioneered a solid career as a model before and during his UFC career, but it wasn’t a source of pride, it was just income. “That was something I pushed away early in my career. I wanted to show” I’m a fighter! “But you come out and say,” This guy is a model! ” Hmm, why do you say that? I hated! ”

That changed when the agent found him on TV and signed the contract. After that, in 2016, he teamed up with model Gigi Hadid to become the face of Versace’s Dylan Blue Fragrance, and more profitable work began.

“It changed my life and I bought a house. I said,” Why am I running now? I can’t escape! ” “It congratulated me. The UFC gave me a platform that looked like a stage, and someone got it, and it changed my life.”

He is currently working in front of another camera, incorporating research and details from the analyst’s work.

“When someone goes out on the air and asks a question, it just overflows from you,” said Jouban, an analyst who defeated Anderson Silva at TKO on October 31st. And, according to UFC sources, it will play a role in the final UFC show on December 19th.

“I love when I see something that excites me, perhaps a subtlety that the audience has never seen. Explain to them why this is so fascinating and most people don’t understand it. You can, but I’m looking at what this fighter is doing. That’s what I like and share insights. ”

Alan Jouban in the ‘biggest fight of my life’ – Press Enterprise Source link Alan Jouban in the ‘biggest fight of my life’ – Press Enterprise

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