Airline caterer Gate Gourmet laying off 247 workers at LAX – Press Telegram

An in-flight meal company hit by a slowdown in pandemic-related business Gate gourmet We plan to dismiss 536 California workers, including 247 at Los Angeles International Airport, next month.

These reductions, along with another 289 at San Francisco International Airport, will take effect on November 19.

The movement of gate gourmet is LSG Sky Chef, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Anna airports have dumped an estimated 576 workers.

recently News Jose Nunez, business unit leader for Gate Gourmet’s LA business, was sent to the state’s Employment Development Department, saying the company is still facing COVID-19-related challenges.

Although the summer travel season has managed to recover, the airline catering industry is still “much behind other segments of the larger airline ecosystem,” he said.

“Government funding that has helped support additional employment beyond our business needs is nearing its end,” he wrote, saying that the company is no longer maintaining current employment levels at LAX. He added that he couldn’t.

The layoffs vary from airport to airport, including 69 setup workers, 74 food prep employees, 20 lead porters, 46 cafeteria attendants, 12 cooks, 17 storage helpers, and 2 sous-chefs. Affects the position of the gate gourmet.

All but 6 employees International Brotherhood of Team Stars Local 572..

In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement between Gate Gourmet and the Team Stars, dismissed members do not have the right to clash to expel other low-senior employees and are recalled to work after a specified amount of time. It is not guaranteed to be.

“We never welcome layoffs,” said Jaime Villanueva, Business Representative at IBT Local 572. I still feel the influence of COVID-19. “

According to Villanueva, some of LAX’s gate gourmet workers have moved to other states where the company has opened new kitchens.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Gate Gourmet serves more than 700 million passengers annually from 200 locations in more than 60 countries and territories worldwide, according to its website.

Data from statistics Shows that the number of passengers to and from the United States decreased to 67 million in 2020, down 26.5% from 253 million in 2019. By July of this year, the number of passengers reached 106 million.

Airline caterer Gate Gourmet laying off 247 workers at LAX – Press Telegram Source link Airline caterer Gate Gourmet laying off 247 workers at LAX – Press Telegram

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