Airbnb removes listing advertised as ‘slave cabin’

Airbnb removed a Mississippi listing billed as a “slave cabin.”

It gained attention after TikTok users criticized the list “Wynton the lawyer”.

“This country’s history of slavery is constantly being denied, and now it’s being mocked as a luxury vacation spot,” said Wynton Yates.

In a statement to NBC News, Airbnb apologized for not flagging the listing sooner.

“Properties that housed former slaves have no place on Airbnb,” the company said. “We apologize for any trauma or distress caused by the presence of this list and others like it, and for not acting sooner to address this issue.”

The host, who said he recently bought the property, apologized in a statement to NBC News. Brad Hauser, however, said the “slave cabin” was not big enough to hold slaves.

“I apologize for offering our guests a stay behind the 1857 house, which is an inn that is located behind an antebellum house,” he said. “I also apologize for offending African Americans whose ancestors were slaves.”

Despite the apology, Wynton was still upset that slavery was being used to promote property.

“If this wasn’t actually a slave cabin, that doesn’t make it any better because it’s more of a romanticization of slavery. It makes it even more horrible that you think slavery is a selling point,” he told NBC News.

Hauser told the network that he plans to provide more accurate representation to people visiting the property in the future.

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Airbnb removes listing advertised as ‘slave cabin’ Source link Airbnb removes listing advertised as ‘slave cabin’

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