Air Force Sergeant Turned Boogaloo Murderer Steven Carrillo Takes Plea, Will Be Sentenced Friday

The former Air Force sergeant, who terrorized both Santa Cruz and Oakland almost exactly two years ago this week over a violent tear inspired by the internet-based boogaloo movement to kill law enforcement officials, is said to be convicted of one of his murders will.

Steven Carrillo, 33, made a plea deal in February and pleaded guilty to killing Federal Protective Service officer David Patrick Underwood outside the federal building in Oakland. Carrillo recruited an accomplice to drive a van into Oakland on May 29, 2020 (above), a night of civil unrest following the death of George Floyd, and planned to shoot a law enforcement officer in hopes that the crime would be used for it would be blamed on Black Lives Matter protesters.

Carrillo, a resident of Ben Lomond, Santa Cruz County, then became the subject of a week-long manhunt, which he was also said to be in the midst of killed 38-year-old Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller during a confrontation and chase after his van was spotted with guns.

This case, and Carrillo’s pleading, pertains only to the murder of Underwood and the wounding of another federal agent. As the Ministry of Justice in a February issueAs part of the plea agreement, Carrillo “admitted that he wanted to join an anti-government movement and commit acts of violence against federal law enforcement officials” and “admitted that in the months leading up to the shooting, he regularly discussed and encouraged violence against law enforcement.”

Carrillo also confessed to firing 19 shots from the rear side door of a van at the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building and the US Courthouse in Oakland on May 29, aimed at Underwood and his colleagues.

“This is a great time to continue destroying the government,” Carrillo reportedly wrote in online messages to fellow far-right boogaloo enthusiasts. “I just want to perpetuate the hatred and violence against the government attack dog.”

As SFist has already reported, the boogaloo movement as it is, is a disorganized chain of Facebook groups, news threads, and Snapchatters mostly sharing memes and jokes that denigrate the federal police and fire for a second American revolution. (In the vein of Internet tropes, “Boogaloo” is a joking reference to the exact recreation of the 1980s breakdance movie sequel Collapse’which was titled Burglary 2: Electric Boogaloo — where the second revolution is expected to be like a rehashed sequel.)

Carrillo’s philosophies seemed immature and spun by the rhetoric of these groups and during the deadly ordeal in Santa Cruz County messages scrawled in blood before his arrest that said “boog,” “stop the duopoly,” and the popular catchphrase among libertarians, “I became unreasonable” — a nod to the anti-government icon Marvin Heemeyerwho, in a fit of white anger over conflict over his property, which was not connected to a sewage system, bulldozed a Colorado city hall and then killed himself.

The May 29, 2020 murder also allegedly involved Millbrae resident Robert Alvin Justus Jr., who was in a Facebook group with Carrillo and reportedly did not otherwise know him prior to that night. As far as we know, Justus has not yet gone to court. Four other people who were in chats with Carrillo and Justus and allegedly later tried to obstruct the investigation were charged last year.

US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers will sentence Carrillo today, and under his settlement, he could face up to 41 years in prison. By accepting the plea, he escaped the death penalty.

Judge Gonzalez Rogers may still not accept the plea deal. as KTVU notesdepending on whether prosecutors and defense attorneys “do enough to justify the verdict”.

Carrillo is still in Santa Cruz for the murder of Gutzwiller and since earlier this year faces the Santa Cruz District Attorney’s office hadn’t decided whether they would seek the death penalty.

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Air Force Sergeant Turned Boogaloo Murderer Steven Carrillo Takes Plea, Will Be Sentenced Friday Source link Air Force Sergeant Turned Boogaloo Murderer Steven Carrillo Takes Plea, Will Be Sentenced Friday

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