AI luminary Kai-Fu Lee and sci-fi author Chen Qiufan predict the future in ‘AI 2041’ – TechCrunch

Where will i be today Technology will lead us in the next 20 years, and what will the AI-injected world look like around the world? Kai-Fu Lee, founder and ideological leader of AI, and breakout science fiction writer Chen Qiufan (aka Stanley Chen) have set 10 stories and 10 essays to explore and explain the possibilities and pitfalls of AI. Make a guess based on knowledge with “AI2041”.

After reading this book — I’ll publish a review shortly — how Lee and Chen collaborated on TechCrunch Disrupt 2021, how their perspectives matched and differed, and why they Talked about what he thinks the future will be. please explain.

(The citation has been lightly edited for clarity.)

Lee and Chen found each other a few years ago. One is a successful ideological leader and entrepreneur in AI, and the other is the author whose sharp portrayal of the dilemma of the near future has given him international acclaim. They decided to work together in a hybrid piece with a story born of informed speculation and narrative commentary.

“AI is so important that it’s really important to give the big picture of AI. Everyone should know more about it, but it’s also a bit intimidating because it sounds technical,” Lee told me. Told. “And is there a better way to tell a story than really tell a story?”

“We knew each other easily that day on Google. I was always thinking of writing a book about future technology based on very specific science, facts and theories.” Said Chen. “But without Kai-Fu, I couldn’t do that because I’m not an expert in the field.”

The result of their collaboration is “AI2041”. This is 10 stories by Chen set in prestigious years around the world, where people of all disciplines encounter AI in different ways, and the author thinks it may shape society. I am. Next 20 years. Each story is followed by an explanatory essay by Lee that explains the technical aspects and why they could lead to their future.

The stories are independent, but occur in something like a shared world, each showing a potential application, competition, or thought change that AI can bring. The important thing is that AI can be recognized as an evolution of existing technology.

“We started with four frameworks,” Lee said. “One is that I wanted to cover about 15 technologies in 10 stories, and I wanted to order from easy to difficult, so it’s like an AI textbook. Then read the story and learn. Then I wanted to use it in different industries such as education and healthcare to show that AI affects everywhere. And finally, Stanley. Wanted it to be in 10 countries. “

For example, consider the story of “the gods behind the mask.” It’s about a talented deepfake creator working in Lagos who knows inside and outside of generative hostile networks, imaging tests, media pathways, and more. He is tasked with creating videos of dead celebrities who are fooling not only the viewer, but also the automatic scanners of hosting services, government facial recognition algorithms, and everything else. But he is beginning to suspect that there is an unpleasant motive behind it. Everything (doesn’t ruin the rest).

AI luminary Kai-Fu Lee and sci-fi author Chen Qiufan predict the future in ‘AI 2041’ – TechCrunch Source link AI luminary Kai-Fu Lee and sci-fi author Chen Qiufan predict the future in ‘AI 2041’ – TechCrunch

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