Ag business Professor Annette Levi selected for top teaching award

Dr. Annette Levi, professor of agricultural business, was selected for Fresno State’s 2022 Provost Award for Excellence in Teachingannounced Dr. Xuanning Fu, Interim Fresno State Professor and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The Provost Awards also honored the following school:

  • Dr. Steve Blumenshine, Professor of Biology – Research, Scholarship and Creative Achievement Award
  • Dr. Amila Becirbegovic, Assistant Professor of Modern and Classical Languages ​​and Literatures – Teacher Service Award
  • Mark Baldis, Department of Kinesiology and Dr. Janine Nkosi, Department of Sociology – Outstanding Lecturer Award

Five faculty members were selected for the Promost New Faculty category of the Provost Awards in recognition of their exemplary achievements in teaching, research, creative activities and / or inter-service, faculty service. The honorees are:

  • Dr. Luis Fernando Macías, Assistant Professor of Chicano and Latin American Studies
  • Dr. Kimberly Stillmaker, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and Geomatics
  • Mai Der Vang, Assistant English Teacher
  • Dr. Ettore Vitali, Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Dr. Varaxy Yi Borromeo, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

The Provost Awards were established in 1993 to recognize the outstanding teaching, research and services that are central to the Fresno State Mission.

The honorees provide students with a stimulating environment that promotes learning and affirms the University as a spiritual and cultural leader in Central Valley.

The winners will be celebrated during an event at 3pm on Thursday 12 May at North GymRoom 118.

Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Annette Levy (agricultural enterprise) has taught in various subject areas for the Department of Agricultural Business since joining Fresno State in 2008. It incorporates work experience and academic activities to create professional learning environments for its students. Its biggest impact on the department is the integration of high-impact teaching practices into the program. He has partnered with the Richter Center to develop a service learning program to engage students with local nonprofits. She was assigned an internship where she developed a list of ag business professionals and graduates and sent them job opportunities notifications. And Levi has organized and offered overseas study programs in China and Chile so that students can learn how food grown in these areas reaches the tables around the world. He later developed service training programs abroad in Africa.

Research, Scholarship and Creative Achievement Award

Dr. Steve BlumenshineDr. Steve Blumenshine (biology) works concern the ecology and bioenergy of fish, the analysis of aquatic habitats, water quality and catchments. It has received more than $ 1.5 million in research funding since 2013, has a strong track record in peer-reviewed journals and over 100 conference presentations. In 2018, he received the College of Science and Mathematics School of Excellence Research Award and has received two US Fulbright Awards, one for research in Germany and the other in Thailand. His approach and success includes integrating students into his research team and collaborating with external collaborators to increase exposure to applied research and classroom application. Blumenshine, who started in Fresno State in 2001, was recently appointed director of research and education at the California Water Institute.

School Service Award

Dr. Amila BecirbegovicDr. Amila Becirbegovic (Modern and Classical Languages ​​and Literatures) is an expert in German who is one of the lead researchers, translators and writers in the President’s Task Force for the revision of the name of the University Library. It helps to read documents that are in German in order to uproot the secrets and to build empathy and acceptance, so that we do not live in fear of the past. He is a genocide survivor, having escaped from concentration camps in Bosnia. Her experience is in how the visual media affects the memory of the genocide. Becirbegovic has served on several university committees, including the chairman of the library subcommittee who works to ensure the school has a voice in library collections and practices. She serves on the executive committee for the College of Arts and Humanities and has been selected as the honorary head of the college cohort and will design a course around her research on genocide, memory and trauma.

Excellent Lecturer Award

Dr. Mark BaldisDr. Mark Baldis (kinesiology) is a lecturer at the Department of Kinesiology for more than 21 years teaching in the fields of exercise science, sports training, general kinesiology and physical education. He has taught full courses in the Department of Physical Therapy and is usually a visiting instructor in the Departments of Biology, Public Health and Food Science and Nutrition. Bladis has served as the Exercise Science Selection Coordinator and Director of the Human Performance Lab for over 10 years. It is crucial for guiding and coordinating the exercise science curriculum. He received the School Mentor Award of the College of Health and Human Services and the Outstanding Counselor Award of the University’s University Counselor Network. Bladis holds nine professional certifications and / or licenses and has done thousands of hours of continuing professional training. It has integrated these certifications and training into the courses it teaches, creating opportunities for practicing science students to also obtain their own professional certifications.

Dr. Janine NkosiDr. Janine Nkosi (sociology) has been a lecturer since 2011 and has brought transformative energy to education through community-based research and service-learning experiences. It uses its know-how to have an impact on the community, while teaching students the importance of public scholarship for social change. It teaches students to research community members, analyze their data, and reflect on their own experiences. Together, she and her students have been instrumental in working with community organizations to investigate evictions and encourage the passage of a law to improve rent in 2017 in Fresno. She is leading a group of student organizers in her classes to support affordable housing and tenant protection policies in Fresno in the face of a housing crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Promising New School

Dr. Luis Fernando MacíasDr. Luis Fernando Macías (Chicano and Latin American Studies) came to the State of Fresno in 2017 and has made exemplary achievements in teaching, research and service, but also as an advocate for colored students, especially those without documents. Co-chair of the University’s General Education Evaluation Subcommittee and serves on curriculum committees for the College of Social Sciences and the Department of Chicano and Latin American Studies. He participates in the Postgraduate Programs Group, is co-chair of the International Education Committee of the College of Social Sciences and serves on the Discrimination and Scholarship Committee. Macías has published four peer-reviewed articles and authored a manuscript in the Journal of Higher Education. Received the Provost Award for Part-time Teaching in Extraordinary Times in 2020 and the Outstanding Teaching Award of the College of Social Sciences.

Dr. Kimberly StillmakerDr. Kimberly Stillmaker (Civil Engineering and Geomatics), a graduate of the Lyles College of Engineering, joined Fresno State as an Assistant Professor in 2016. engineering. Stillmaker invested in learning new ways of teaching during the pandemic and continued to be an effective educator. Her research concerns structural engineering and gender equality in engineering. She is a key contributor to a $ 1.25 million multi-campus grant from the National Science Foundation to focus on an on-campus networking and mentoring system and a school-wide promotion board across the system to increase women’s representation. to the engineering teacher.

Mai Der VangMai Der Vang (English) maintains an active writing and publishing portfolio, most recently gaining attention for the release of her second book of poetry entitled “Yellow Rain”, which was evaluated by major national publications and is a finalist for two top national poetry awards. She came to the State of Fresno in 2018 to share her enthusiasm for poetry with a diverse student body. Coordinates the Philip Levine Poetry Prize of the Master of Fine Art. created and advises Hmong American Ink and Stories, a space for Hmong American students to develop as writers. serves on various committees; and collaborated with the Laureate Lab Visual Wordist Studio on a project of experimental creative art / poetry workshops. He teaches a new seminar, “Refugee Poetry”, which gives voice to those with historical displacement.

Dr. Ettore VitaliDr. Ettore Vitali (physics) joined the State of Fresno in 2018 and was commissioned to create a new research program in computational physics. He did not waste time to start and recruited a talented and motivated group of students. He has supervised independent study courses and chaired postgraduate dissertation commitments and has drawn up plans for the development of new courses. In four years, he published eight research papers, three of which were with students. Vitali also developed a new method of teaching during the pandemic about his computer lessons based on “live programming” where he coded live while students gave suggestions and asked questions in real time making the classroom feel more like a research team. Vitali was honored in 2020 with the Provost Award for Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times.

Dr. Varaxy Yi BorromeoDr. Varaxy Yi Borromeo (educational leadership) acts as a postgraduate program coordinator for the Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration program, training higher education and student affairs professionals. She is deeply committed to equality, inclusion and social justice and has dedicated her scholarships and professional services to promoting these efforts. Since joining Fresno State in 2018, Yi has published peer-reviewed articles, two book chapters, a policy report, and other manuscripts under review and / or in progress. He has served as an advisor to the Cambodian Student Fellow in the State of Fresno, as chair of the Kremen School of Education and Human Development Equality Committee, and as president of the Asian Association of Teachers and Staff. She was recently appointed by Fresno State President Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval, co-chair of the Anti-Racism Group.

Ag business Professor Annette Levi selected for top teaching award Source link Ag business Professor Annette Levi selected for top teaching award

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