AG Bonta Joins Others in Support of U.S. Ban on ‘Ghost Guns’

In the Attorney General’s Office of 19 states and the District of Columbia, California Attorney General Rob Bonta supported a new federal law against ghost guns in an Amicus poll filed Monday.

The Amicus reporter, who is an opinion submitted to the court by a source not involved in the case but a weighty one, was supported by Bonata following mass shootings and the rise of ghost guns, his office said.

Ghost guns are privately manufactured firearms without a serial number, making them virtually undetectable for law enforcement. As they fly under the radar of state requirements, unlicensed owners and manufacturers give up background checks and ownership recordings of these illegally manufactured firearms.

The U.S. Department of Justice said it has seen a tenfold increase in the number of ghost rifles seized by law enforcement since 2016 – last year alone, 20,000 suspected ghost rifles were reported to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Weapons and Explosives.

In response, the Biden Administration issued a federal law in April to extend firearms regulations to include homemade rifles and easy-to-assemble rifle kits. The rule, which will take effect next month, will require buyers to undergo background checks and manufacturers to obtain a license and produce orderly gun kits.

The rule has since been challenged by a Texas arms parts manufacturer, which claims the rule is legally incorrect and threatens manufacturers’ ability to stay in business.

The group of Attorneys General, along with Bonte, argue that state regulations should be supported by significant federal oversight.

“There have been more mass shootings in the state than days a year in 2022. In California, we know our defenses are working, but we need to see such an action nationwide,” Bonte said in a statement.

In California, state law enforcement officers seized 12,388 ghost rifles last year, compared to 26 in 2015.

Although California has the lowest 44-percent mortality rate in the country, it is not uncommon for lethal gunfire to be fatal. A recent example was in March 2022, when a shooter who was banned from purchasing firearms killed his three children, an escort and himself at a church in Sacramento. Or in 2019, when five Sagus high school students were shot, two were killed, by their 16-year-old classmate with a gun made by a kit.

“I support stronger federal efforts to curb the gun violence that is sweeping our country and killing thousands of Americans, including children,” Bonte said. “We refuse to accept that gunshot deaths are somehow normal when we know there are effective strategies to stop them. My firm will continue to use every legal tool available to put an end to this gun violence epidemic and keep California residents safe.”

AG Bonta Joins Others in Support of U.S. Ban on ‘Ghost Guns’ Source link AG Bonta Joins Others in Support of U.S. Ban on ‘Ghost Guns’

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