Adele’s 3 Gowns From the ‘Oh My God’ Video Are Iconic

If anyone likes to sit more than I do, it’s Adele who spends most of it. she A new music video sitting in a chair.

Wednesday, January 12 Adele has released her music video For her acclaimed “Oh My God” song 4th studio album, 30.. Do you remember listening to the album and crying for days? I feel like it was 20 years ago. (But in reality, the first music video from the album, “Easy On Me” Dropped in October. )

“Oh My God” is a bright song (at least by Adele’s standards). The video, directed in black and white, features Adele singing and sitting in a studio full of chairs and apples. As the video progresses, dancers will appear around her. A framed circular light behind Adele makes her look like a literal saint. By the end of the video, Adele’s chair is on fire. This represents a new era, advancing from her marriage. This can also represent an aversion to sitting in an uncomfortable chair without cushions. But I deviate. The most important part of the “Oh My God” video is Adele’s three instantly iconic looks.

Swirling polka dot sleeve gown


In the “Oh My God” video, Adele first saw a black column gown with dramatic, undulating transparent sleeves and a giant cat bow tie. There are white polka dots on the sleeves and the cat’s bow. Adele styled this vibrant gown by pulling his hair into a bun and hanging some parts on his ears. She wore pearl drop earrings that matched the polka dots very well and black boots with pointed toes. For makeup, I chose her signature cat-eye look, which has a strong cheek contour.

Cape and black leather glove gown


In her second look in the video, Adele literally shouted “Oh my god.” This look is an A-line gown with a pope-inspired bodice. Rihanna at the 2018 Met Gala. For this look, Adele wore a shiny patterned gown with a decorated white cropped cape and black leather gloves with accessories. She wore her usual charm, with her hair turned down with a headband and her edges curled outwards at the bottom.

Black long sleeve gown


Adele’s third and final look is the classic Adele. The black tulle gown has a fitted body with see-through long sleeves, a cowl neck, and a large undulating skirt that adds drama to every shot. She wore her standard charm for this, but amplified it with dark lipstick. She attached accessories with a shiny, delicate silver necklace and matching earrings to make her look like trendy wet hair with her hair down.


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You can watch the full video of “Oh My God” above.

Adele’s 3 Gowns From the ‘Oh My God’ Video Are Iconic Source link Adele’s 3 Gowns From the ‘Oh My God’ Video Are Iconic

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