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By Calemma Shoes | Associated Press

New York-Brooklyn President Eric Adams appeals to the Political Center and promises to strike the right balance between the fight against crime and the end of police racial injustice. Won the Primary Association.

Former police captain Adams will be the city’s second black mayor if elected.

He won the big Democratic territory in New York’s first major race using ranked preferential voting. The latest tally results released on Tuesday show that he leads former city hygiene commissioner Kathryn Garcia with 8,426 votes, or just over a percentage point.

“The number of votes still counted is very small, but the results are clear. The historic and diverse coalition of five districts, led by a working-class New Yorker, won the Democratic Primary of the Mayor of New York. “Adams said in a statement.

He said, “For those who are struggling, those who are not well serviced, and those who promise a safe, just and affordable future for all New Yorkers, this wonderful city. I was running to fulfill my promise. “

Adams will be an exorbitant favorite in the general election against Guardian Angels Republican founder Curtis Sliwa. In New York City, the Democratic Party outperforms the Republican Party 7 to 1.

Adams’ closest Democratic rivals include Garcia, who campaigned as a technocrat and proved to be a problem-solver, and former City Hall law with progressive support, including support from U.S. Congressman Alexandria Ocasiocortes. Advisor Maya Wiley was included.

Andrew Yang, a 2020 presidential candidate known for his proposal for basic income, was an early favorite, but declined in the race.

Voting in the primary election ended on June 22nd. Although Adams was in the lead in the early return, New Yorkers had to wait for tens of thousands of absentee votes and a round of aggregation under the new ranked selection system.

Under this system, voters ranked up to five mayoral candidates in order of preference. Candidates who couldn’t win because of too few votes were eliminated, and ballots were redistributed to the surviving candidates, based on the voter’s preferences, until there were only two remaining.

The city’s first experience with this system in the big elections was bumpy. As votes were aggregated on June 29, election authorities mistakenly included 135,000 old test ballots to reduce the number of votes. Authorities acknowledged the error and deleted it after the incorrect vote count was posted for several hours.

The mistake did not affect the final result of the race.

Adams, Garcia, and Wiley all filed a proceeding last week seeking the right to review the aggregate of ranked options.

“We have to completely rebuild the board, given that it can only be called a blunder,” Wiley said in a statement on Tuesday. As for herself, she said her campaign would need to say more about the “next step” soon.

Adams, 60, is a moderate Democrat who opposes the “police defense” movement.

After three people were shot dead and injured in Times Square in May, “if time goes back and violence, especially gun violence, increases, the city will not recover,” Adams said. It was. ..

“If black life is really important, it’s not just about opposition to police abuse. It must be against violence that tears our community,” he told supporters at Primary Night. I told you.

But Adams is a paradoxical study, a defender of Islamic State leader Luis Farakhan, a Republican registrant and a prosperous Democratic senator in the closed-door trading world at various times. did.

Adams frequently talks about his dual identity as a 22-year police veteran and a black man who endured police atrocities as a teenager. He said he was beaten by a policeman at the age of 15.

Adams became a police officer in 1984 and was promoted to captain’s rank before running for state senator in 2006.

While at the police station, he co-founded 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, a group that campaigned against criminal justice reform and racial profiling.

In 2009, two years before the New York State Legislature passed the Marriage Equality Bill after winning the State Senate from Brooklyn in 2006, Adams impressed with a fervent speech in support of the right to same-sex marriage. ..

Adams also overcame several controversies, including a 2010 report from a state inspector general who failed to monitor the bidding process to bring casino gambling to Queens’ Aqueduct Racecourse. Adams was accepting election donations from politically related groups bidding on gambling franchises.

Adams was elected Mayor of Brooklyn in 2013 for his current job.

Adams is a vegan who trusts a plant-based diet by reversing his diabetes. He has a 25-year-old son, Jordan Coleman, and a former girlfriend. His current partner is Tracey Collins, an educator who manages the city’s public school system.

Journalists asked questions during the race about where Adams lived. Born in Brooklyn, he walked the beat there as a policeman, owned real estate there, and represented it in the state legislature. However, he slept for months in his office at the Brooklyn Borough Hall during the pandemic, and opponents said he shared a place with his partner in Fort Lee, NJ.

Adams offered reporters a tour of an underground apartment in Brooklyn, stating that he was his main residence.

Adams can be a charismatic speaker, but Klinge, including his 1993 proposal that Puerto Rican-born politician Herman Badillo should have married Latina instead of a white Jewish woman. He also makes statements that deserve.

Adams wins Democratic primary in NYC mayor’s race – Press Enterprise Source link Adams wins Democratic primary in NYC mayor’s race – Press Enterprise

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