Actor Rose Matafeo on Starstruck, the Rom-Com Series You’ve Been Waiting For

New Zealand premise Actor-Comedian Rose Matafeo’s new show Stars truck, Currently streaming HBO max, What you are absolutely crazy about. What if you meet a movie star on the go at night, hook up, and start a relationship? It’s made of fan fiction threads and Deuxmoi blinds, StarstrucFor k, it’s not all premieres and prosecco. If so, is it interesting?

No, instead, Matafeo’s character Jesse found the fact that Tom (Nike Patel) is famous for being the least attractive to him. It’s not because he’s rude, proud, or arrogant. In fact, the exact opposite. Tom is funny, kind, and certainly incredibly hot, but his life and Jesse’s situation have a complex relationship. There are many different cues, chance encounters, and battles that are similar to what actually happens when an unfamous person finds himself in a situation with an A-lister. The show is rooted in reality, even with its glittering log lines.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a drug. Stars truck It’s cheerful and inspirational. A glimpse of 6 episodes perfect for romantic comedy lovers.Below, I created Rose Matafeo Stars truck And co-authored all the episodes — discuss the origins of the show. Celebrity culture In 2021 and how to create the most dreamy lead actor, you don’t have to do much. (To be honest, this is pretty sad. Do it better, hey.)

Where was your idea Stars truck come?

Rose Matafeo: I came up with hundreds of millions of ideas for TV shows, but most of them were rejected. Polite no, polite no, until one gets stuck. I basically pitched the show after flying back to New Zealand, and that was the last attempt at marketing something. It was like, “I don’t have those ideas. Do you have another idea? I have the last idea.” And that’s what they wanted. I love romantic comedies, so writing stories and creating characters felt like a really natural world.

But it has a clear celebrity element. Where did it come from?

Celebrities are always in your head. I am 29 years old I was born in 1992. Of course, pop culture is my life. I’m a nerd and grew up to love movies, television and comedy. That is definitely my gentle interest. As a teenager, I held a chart of my height compared to all the heights of my favorite celebrities.I’m obviously crazy Deuxmoi. That’s why I got over the pandemic.Literally rolled to my side, picked up my phone and said, “Okay, who Nicholas Brown Date now? Where was he found? “

Actor Rose Matafeo on Starstruck, the Rom-Com Series You’ve Been Waiting For Source link Actor Rose Matafeo on Starstruck, the Rom-Com Series You’ve Been Waiting For

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