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The first two years of the pandemic boosted e-commerce, but Simon Wu, Partner at Cathay Innovation, has identified three factors that are now facing strong headwinds for online retailers:

  1. Increasing economic uncertainty.
  2. iOS social media privacy updates.
  3. “A potential decrease in discretionary spending.”

Even discounting a looming recession, the fact that consumers have opted to share less personal information is eating away at revenue and increasing customer acquisition costs.

To address these challenges, Wu shares several Strategies that can help ecommerce startups refine their brand marketing and to “anchor” existing customers.

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Social media is certainly a vehicle to drive sales, but community management is the engine. Wu offers several ideas for customer programs that encourage loyalty and build traction organically while reducing your dependence on Facebook and other platforms.

“Diversifying channels to acquire customers and growing organically will take time, but it’s worth the investment in the long run to build a lasting brand,” he writes.

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Dear Sophie, How can we transfer a candidate’s H-1B and Green Card?

Photo credit: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

Dear Sophie,

My startup needs to hire an AI expert and our top candidate has a complicated immigration situation.

She comes from India and has been on an H-1B for more than six years. Her current employer applied for an EB-2 green card on her behalf about four years ago as part of the PERM process.

She’s been waiting for a green card number since approval, and says it may be a few years before she gets it.

She is asking us to transfer her H-1B and Green Card to our company. can we do it Do we have additional ways to keep them?

— Further development of the AI

4 bargaining points startup founders need to focus on in a declining market

4 sticky notes on a cork board; Topics of conversation for investor negotiations

Photo credit: MirageC (opens in a new window) /Getty Images

I haven’t tracked that number nationally, but the amount of venture capital invested in San Francisco-based startups reportedly dropped 65% between May and June 2022.

There is hardly a scenario imaginable in which an investor does not enjoy several advantages over a founder. Since VCs have money and prior experience on their side, information is your only compensation.

To level the playing field, Angel Firm 22 Ventures CEO John Weaver shared his top four negotiating tactics for entrepreneurs in a downturn.

“This funding slump is temporary, but the terms you agree on right now could shape your business for years to come,” he writes.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Enduring Planet’s $2.1 million seed deck

In May, fintech startup Enduring Planet announced it had raised $5 million in debt and equity funding to expand revenue-based funding to clean tech startups raising at least $25,000 per month.

The company’s founders have provided TechCrunch+ with a lightly edited version of their winning pitch deck, which Haje Jan Kamps says includes useful templates for creating effective “problem” and “solution” slides.

Flipping the Sales Script: How to break down bias and diversify sales teams

Adhesive tape sticking on yellow and gray background; variety of sales

Photo credit: MirageC (opens in a new window) /Getty Images

For most of his career, my father was the sales manager for a company that sold office equipment internationally. He has built and led internal teams and I have learned a lot about leading people from watching him.

He once replaced a top-performing account executive with a less-experienced sales rep after realizing that the Hotshot had exceeded their sales goals only by directing customers to expensive systems they didn’t need.

These customers typically did not renew when their contracts expired.

“Extroversion, charisma, and alpha personality traits do not drive sales success,” writes Arwa Kaddoura, CRO of Influx Data. “This is ‘hero selling,’ and it doesn’t scale or produce effective sales teams.”

The Roe reversal weighs heavily on burgeoning tech cities in red states

Photo credit: Venimo/Getty Images

The San Francisco Bay Area has long since lost its monopoly on the introduction of disruptive technologies: today there are a number of startups in every major American city.

However, since the US Supreme Court has limited abortion rights, startups from states that ban the procedure are at a disadvantage when hiring, reporters Dominic-Madori Davis and Rebecca Szkutak found.

“It put our decision to build the company in Atlanta in a different light,” said Nile founder Khadijah Robinson.

“We’ve already seen in Georgia where backward decisions affect the business world,” she said. “It will be difficult to ask women to come to a place where they might risk their lives.”

The Art of Pivot: Work closely with investors to improve your opportunities

Image of a red line running between red obstacles; pivot point

Photo credit: MirageC (opens in a new window) /Getty Images

For her latest TC+ post, we asked veteran investor Marjorie Radlo-Zandi to share her handbook on helping first-time founders steer their businesses through an inflection point.

Changing direction is a massive undertaking, but it breaks the process down into multiple steps that will help entrepreneurs garner investor (and employee) support.

“Panning is not a disgrace,” writes Radlo-Zandi. “On the contrary, it is a sign of strength.”

Abortion ban’s hiring impact, 3 e-commerce trends, how to pivot a startup – TechCrunch Source link Abortion ban’s hiring impact, 3 e-commerce trends, how to pivot a startup – TechCrunch

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