#AbolishTheMonarchy Movement Surges During Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee

Millions in the UK are going on a bank holiday this weekend Platinum Feast of Queen Elizabeth II.

He has ruled the throne for 70 long years, and the United Kingdom itself has plagued the monarchy for centuries.

Outsiders aren’t the only ones who find the ongoing reign of Windsor House confusing.

While Queen Elizabeth is being celebrated, #AbolishTheMonarchy has been on the trend on social media.

Some Britons would like to see Queen Elizabeth II as Queen Elizabeth the Last.

Not just the last Elizabeth, but the last ruler.

The monarchy is not just an outdated ghost of a bygone era – it is a real problem in British life.

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Queen Elizabeth herself enjoys widespread popularity in the United Kingdom.

After all, he has held the throne longer than most citizens have been alive.

But his son, Prince Charles, is far less popular. Prince William also fails to notice the attraction of his grandmother.

At present, the majority of Britain continues to support the monarchy as an institution.

However, several studies and polls have shown that the younger generations want to end the system.

It’s not just because of the absurdity that a modern, industrialized nation chooses its leader when playing as if it were acting on behalf of a queen. There are real problems.

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Recently, British schoolchildren – everyone – were given small booklets full of information about the Queen.

This was done in honor of his platinum festival. Printing and distributing the materials cost about £ 15 million.

Some pointed out that it seems an insult to distribute essentially monarchist propaganda at the expense of students when the only reliable meal for some children is what they get at school.

The Suvereign Grant is an account of the money the British receive to support the royal family paid by the taxpayers.

The amount is reported annually and falls between £ 30-40 million.

It’s just one little piece of the puzzle. The total annual cost is much closer to £ 90 million.

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The net worth of Queen Elizabeth II is estimated at 400-500 million.

(Net worth is complex, but the Windsor House has huge holdings, a huge wealth of generations, and of course world-famous gems of questionable origin)

It is true that all megacores are a burden to the societies in which they live, however one or two to receive such direct funding from the government without having to actively cheat.

Sometimes this is hard to imagine for Americans because the monarchy often seems as harmless as it is deeply silly.

They are more than just prohibitively expensive mascots.

Perhaps the best analogy for Americans is to imagine the throne of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

We must first imagine that the U.S. government pays nearly $ 100 million a year to protect the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Now we imagine Kris Jenner with our money, the family is mentioned in most or entirely patriotic music and every state institution nominally exists for Kris.

Next, we imagine if President Biden and the U.S. Congress had to meet with Kris officially during the year, and that Kris could even invoke the power to “review” the legislation before passing it.

Of course, the British royal family is not the same as Windsor’s house … because the latter is worse.

The wealth of Queen Elizabeth II does not come from Instagram ads or reality TV or the phone app or lips, but from the wealth of generations and the use of power to gain more wealth.

Say what you say about Kris Jenner, but we imagine her jewelry was not torn from a holy Indian statue or looted from the temple.

One ridiculously common argument in favor of the monarchy’s unjustified perseverance is the claim that the family generates huge tourism revenues every year.

First, castles and even those silly-looking nutcracker guards can still exist without a monarchy. People are still visiting the country to see the sights.

Secondly, France is very successful in tourism every year. We seem to remember that they dropped the monarchy dramatically a long time ago.

#AbolishTheMonarchy Movement Surges During Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Source link #AbolishTheMonarchy Movement Surges During Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee

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