AAPI Cultural Festival Pays Homage to Underrepresented Communities

The Creative Space and Sacramento Asian Pacific Cultural Village begin Asian Pacific Island Heritage Month with the “Asian Pacific CultureFest” on Saturday, May 7 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation, located at 9040 High Ct and Elk. Grove.

The event will feature 80 small AAPI-owned businesses showcasing a variety of food and crafts; live performances and also a curated training of local AAPI artists.

AAPI Heritage Month officially began on Sunday, May 1st. In addition, it indicates the contributions and achievements of the people of the AAPI, and how they helped shape American history. To this end, the vision of this event is not only to inspire members of the AAPI community, but also to create opportunities for representation that provide education to other cultures.

“The AAPI community is severely underrepresented. This (event) will highlight and elevate all generations from all different cultures. We invite our vendors and artists to share their stories and heritage through their products and performances. Through this experience , the hope is that we can celebrate our similarities and differences. “

-Jennifer Tokunaga, owner of The Creative Space

Remy and Jennifer Tokunaga
Photo courtesy of The Creative Space

From behind

In the midst of the pandemic, the rise in Asian hate crimes that occurred in April 2021 shocked the nation. Following these events, Jennifer and Remy Tokunaga, sisters and owners of “The Creative Space, “looked for ways they could help elevate the AAPI community. Thus, they began hosting a variety of small AAPI-owned events called” Small Business Saturday in May 2021 during AAPI Heritage Month. In fact, the response from the community has been positive, and after receiving great support, they decided that in 2022 they would host a larger-scale event. Not long after, they finally partnered with the Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation in Elk Grove. After hosting a handful of successful emerging events there, they were able to secure their place for CultureFest 2022.

“Our goal for this event is to give the hardworking, creative and talented AAPI community the visibility it deserves. Not only that, but we hope it inspires attendees and future generations to do what is possible as an AAPI person.”

-Remy Tokunaga, owner of The Creative Space

A Great Team

In addition, the Tokunagas collaborated with Jason Jong, executive director of Sacramento Asian Pacific Cultural Village. So, after meeting at a Japantown event, they knew right away that their connections to local AAPI artists would align perfectly with their vision of CultureFest.

“He was working with My Sister’s House and My Sister’s House Treasures to revitalize Japantown in Sacramento,” said Remy Tokunaga.

“We knew that with our small business connections and their connections to AAPI artists, we would form a great team! It was a great experience working with him and entering his world of large-scale event planning.”

-Remy Tokunaga, Owner of Creative Space

Remy Tokunaga (L) with Jason Jong (Center) and Jennifer Tokunaga (R)
Photo courtesy of The Creative Space


Huntington Learning CenterHuntington Learning Center

He leads a village

Jong is deeply rooted in the AAPI community of the Sacramento region. In addition to her participation in Sacramento Asian Pacific Cultural Village, she also volunteered My sister’s house and the Japantown Street Festival; Sacramento Tree Foundation and the Hanami Line Sakuramento Project. He is also a founding member of API Raising Fund; the founding member of the Board Asian American Liberation Network; and the Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival. In addition, Jong has just completed a 10-year term as a board member Lu Mien Community Services.

Undoubtedly, Jong’s passion for the AAPI community shines through his work and philanthropic endeavors. Therefore, it is their hope that CultureFest will empower the community and expose the richness of the AAPI culture of the Sacramento Region at a time when racism is at an all time high.

“Events like Asian Pacific CultureFest come at a critical time for the AAPI community. We have all been affected by the pandemic. It has been a tense period for many in our community as we are battling two pandemics: one environmental and one deeper and more insidious as we face racist and xenophobic rhetoric, hatred and often violence, fueled by the perception that we are perpetual aliens in what we call home. ”

-Jason Jong, executive director of Sacramento Asian Pacific Cultural Village

Photo courtesy of The Creative Space

Event details

Asian Pacific CultureFest is a free, inclusive family event open to the public.

Elk Grove Deputy Mayor Darren Suen; Sacramento’s Good Day, Jason Segundo and 2022 Mrs. Vietnam, Angie Tran will be the presenters of the event. In addition, the event will be broadcast live on various platforms in collaboration with ACC Senior Services e Access to Sacramento. Live broadcast hosts include: Shaline DeGuzman, Christina Marie and Hannah Nguyen.

“Asian Pacific CultureFest offers something for everyone. The most important thing is that it is a time to come together and celebrate our collective diversity and enjoy the spirit of community by sharing, connecting and appreciating the breadth of the Sacramento Region’s cultural landscape.

-Jason Jong, executive director of Sacramento Asian Pacific Cultural Village

Festival goers can expect a variety of activities and entertainment. From a beer tasting to an emerging art gallery installation, cultural performances and a variety of Asian street food, to name a few, the event will cater to a wide demographic of attendees.

Those who are unable to attend in person are encouraged to tune in and follow along The Creative Spaceo Asian Pacific Culture Festival event page and / or Access to Sacramento on Facebook for live streaming updates.

For more information, including a full list of artists and performers CLICK HERE

AAPI Cultural Festival Pays Homage to Underrepresented Communities Source link AAPI Cultural Festival Pays Homage to Underrepresented Communities

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