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Welcome to weekdays (return).

I am grateful that I was able to take a week of annual leave because I had restrictions on leaving home this year. The question for people working in the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors is whether the process is easier and faster enough to avoid long-term scarring. This week you may get some insight into it.

First, there are airlines. It’s not a good time to be in the industry. Qantas When Air New Zealand It will definitely be clear when they report quarterly and full year earnings respectively. Given concerns about climate change, it doesn’t look very bright in the future.

But hope springs forever within the sector.Gatwick Airport, the second largest airport in the UK this week Suffering terribly As such — launch a campaign for expansion. The government hopes to support plans to convert the second runway, which is currently used only in emergencies, into a permanent facility that adds 55,000 flights annually.

Another indicator of the future is consumer confidence data, first from the EU, then Germany, France and Norway, and estimates of gross domestic product for the German and US quarters. The British government (Hopefully) By updating the signal system for overseas travel, it contributes to some clarification.

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One of the groups behind this week is Haze, a hiring firm that reports full-year earnings on Thursday. The recovery of employment in the UK, the home market, Source of hope Expectations after haze are high in the melancholy of Covid-19 not only in this group but in the economy as a whole Reported a 39% increase in net fees During that fourth quarter. Given that consultants are paid on commission and need employment to service new contracts, attention is paid to how much it will cost to grow this business. During the pandemic, Haze reduced its cost base by 13%. The question now is whether it was able to make that stick.

Economic data

Key economic statistics released this week are index reports of monthly purchasing managers from IHS Markit covering France, Germany, the Eurozone, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Although not official data, the international nature of PMI calculations makes it a useful tool for comparing the relative economic developments of these countries.

Finally, a plugin for this week’s special Financial Times event. Join FT correspondents and guests to discuss the collapse of Afghanistan. What’s next? Register with FT Subscriber Webinar Wednesday, August 25th, 3:30 pm CET / 2:30 BST / 09:30 EDT.

Major economic and corporate reports

Here’s a more complete list of what to expect in terms of this week’s corporate reports and economic data:


  • EU and European Commission flash consumer confidence figures

  • France, Eurozone, Germany, Japan, UK, USA: IHS Markit Composite Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data

  • UK, CBI Monthly Industry Trend Survey

  • UK, Office for National Statistics Household Income, Expenditure, Asset Data


  • Germany, second quarter GDP growth

  • U.S. Department of Commerce July Home Sales

  • State Street Monthly Investor Confidence Index, USA

  • Results: Best Buy Q2, Polyus Q2, Pure Tech H1, Wood H1



  • Germany, GfK Monthly Consumer Confidence Survey

  • Nigeria, Q2 GDP figures

  • Russia, inflation outlook

  • UK, Car Manufacturers and Traders Association Monthly Car Production

  • Bank of England capital issuance data

  • U.S., Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, Second Quarter GDP Estimate

  • US first unemployed claim

  • Results: Air New Zealand FY, Bouygues H1, Brunello Cucinelli Q2, CRH H1, Del Technologies Q2, Haze FY, HP Q3, Polymetal International H1, TCS Group Q2


  • China, monthly Hong Kong real estate data

  • Consumer confidence at the National Institute of Statistical Economics, France

  • Norway, monthly consumer confidence

  • Result: Lukoil Q2

World events

Finally, we’ll give you an overview of other events and milestones of the week.


  • The UK, the deadline for the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to all 16 and 17 year olds in the UK

  • 25th anniversary of bin Laden’s declaration of war on the United States


  • Japan, Tokyo 2020 Paralympics begin

  • US Vice President Kamala Harris visits Singapore and launches Southeast Asian tour to strengthen US regional leadership

  • Kathy Hokul, USA, will be the first woman to lead New York when Andrew Cuomo resigns

  • United Nations Security Council Meeting to Discuss Syria’s Political and Humanitarian Issues

  • The UN Human Rights Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on Afghanistan


  • International Beetle Week Festival begins in Liverpool, UK

  • UN Security Council discusses Iraq’s mission and North Korean sanctions


  • Election results for the new general secretary of the Unite the Union, the UK’s largest single donor to the Labor Party

  • The latest information on the UK and government’s overseas travel signal system

  • UK, Home Office publishes immigration statistics


  • Annual Jackson Hall Economic Symposium for Central Bankers in the United States. Due to the risk of Covid-19, it was downgraded to a one-day virtual event last week.

  • The UK, Reading and Leeds music festivals are about to begin. Both are sold out.

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