A Look at Different Types of Online Slots

Many people have heard about the increasing number of online slots and casinos on the internet, but never actually bothered to visit these websites, or try the games. Since interest and demand for this type of entertainment is increasing every day, it’s time to eliminate any misconceptions related to online slots.

There’s a huge difference between online and land-based slot machines, even though online slots are just a digital version of the latter. Online slots offer much more content, plus a variety of ways to access it, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to get into online slots, here are seven types of online slots you should know.

Slots With Multiple Paylines

Considered to be one of the best types of online slots by many avid online casino enthusiasts, multi-pay line slots games provide far greater chances of winning by offering multiple pay lines, just like the name suggests.

While it’s possible to find this type of slot in land-based casinos, too, the online version offers one advantage – far greater winning potential. Some multiple payline slots have 50 eligible pay lines, while there are also games with 100, or more. If you’ve never played slots before, we recommend that you start with something simpler like classic slots when playing at an online casino like Slots Empire.

Slots With Mega Spins

Slots with mega spins are a special treat for slot enthusiasts who love a game that offers them a chance to win big time. Mega spins slot machines also offer an auto-spin feature, where you can set the betting parameters and let the machine play for you. Simply use the controls on your screen and select the number of spins you’d like the slot to play automatically.

These slots usually come with a lot of options and advanced graphics. They also offer special features, bonuses, free spins, mega jackpots, and so much more. You can use additional bonuses and freebies to boost potential winnings while you’re hoping to win the main prize – the progressive jackpot.

Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are arguably the most interesting and popular of all online casino games – they are quite simple. You’re to accumulate wins to become eligible for the progressive jackpot. However, to become eligible, you need to play with a maximum bet.

Fortunately, there are online casinos, such as Casino Max, that allow you to play progressive slots for free. The trick with these slots is the progressive or accumulated jackpot.

When you play a maximum bet, part of your money goes to the accumulated jackpot made up of all bets of the players who are playing the same machine at the same time as you. Despite the fact that the winning odds are very low, there is still a chance to win serious money.

Video Slots

Video slots are a huge step up from the traditional slot games found at land-based casinos. Traditional slots required mechanical reels and levers. Video slots brought a real upgrade as you can activate the machine with a simple press of a digital button.

Thanks to video slots, online casinos are where they are today. Video slots usually consist of five reels, even though there are video slots with more reels. Now, the best thing about them is that they come with multiple pay lines. The more pay lines, the higher the chances of winning. Video slots also brought much better visual and audio effects, including entire story-telling bonus rounds, by providing slot games with popular themes from movies, comics, books, and more.

Virtual Reality (VR) Slots

Modern slots of today are limited only by the creative borders of software development. However, it seems that VR slots successfully eliminate those limitations, mostly thanks to the innovative and advanced technology behind them.

You can find almost any existing slot game in VR casinos. The thing with VR slots is that they can provide possibilities and options that other types of online slots simply can’t. For example, the player can activate VR slots with body movements, gestures, or their voice.

VR slots also can learn from each interaction and adapt to players’ preferences and expectations. With special headsets, players can even experience VR slots in a digital environment and fully immerse themselves in almost real-life gaming experiences.

That takes slot games, as we know them, to a whole new level. Since VR and AR technologies are still evolving, the possibilities are literally limitless.

Classic Slots

Classic slots or 3-reel slots have been around since 1899. Players used to activate the physical machines by pulling a crank. The machines had real physical rollers. Out of all other types of online slots on our list, classic slots are the simplest but also the most popular ones, despite all their advanced counterparts.

The gameplay is as simple as it gets. You have three reels, each with a certain number of symbols. The player wins a jackpot if they line up three equal symbols. Classic slots pretty much launched the entire casino and gaming industry and made it as popular as it is today. If you like fast games, classic slots are perfect for you.

5-Reel Slots

5-reel slots are almost the same as classic slots – only they offer two more reels, with more pay lines, as well as much better visuals, graphics, and sounds. That’s one of the reasons why so many online casinos like Club Player turn classic slots into 5-reel video slots. They are as simple to play as classic slots, but offer higher entertainment value and higher winning potential.


Choosing the best slot machine depends on many different factors. We recommend that you start slow and build your way up. Start with classic slots and move to video and 5-reel slots to get a hold of how these games work. Once you’re fully familiar with the different types of slot machines available, choosing the best slot machine becomes much easier.

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