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When your legislator introduces a large, groundbreaking legislation that addresses one of the major government issues of the day, you’re all: it’s cool! It’s my man! And there’s more to do than to think about government, so go back to everything, such as stirring a pile of compost.

But when my legislator introduces some of the major laws, my man is Adam Schiff, and what a hell, you know that a small package of laws will be the winner.

Or at least I know it. In recent years, I have noticed that many Americans dislike Adam Schiff.

It’s very strange. Most people in my neighborhood love parliamentarians. We all know him because he was a little man over 20 years ago. He became the first candidate for a state senator after running a star as a federal prosecutor. Russian spy.

My lawmaker nailed the first FBI agent convicted of espionage.

Everything has been fine since then. First, he’s a perfect boy scout, and second, he’s a funny and friendly person. A rare politician who is honored to be represented.You have to be crazy to confront him, and that’s why every two years some crap work goes up and gets 20 percent of the votes

But, as I say, you’re hearing about these people who don’t like him, because he flipped some Donald Trump rocks and, as expected, spooky insects popped out from below. I think. Anyway, their bad luck, not having Adam Schiff as their legislator.

And this week, Adam surpassed himself by introducing democratic protection legislation. This is a big horn for those who overturn free and fair elections, just as bad freaks are gathering in Washington, DC to celebrate the rebellion at the Capitol on January 6th. was. ..

This aims to put new restrictions on the White House’s runaway executive branch, and I can’t understand for the rest of my life why not all representatives of both parties in both houses support it. But don’t wait for it and hold your breath.

The bill will reign over the power of the president to amnesty, including himself, when it stinks of corruption.

It tells the president that he cannot refuse to reply to the subpoena.

More strongly remind them that the budget is a parliamentary project and can be spent or secretly frozen by the federal government.

It retaliates against whistleblowers such as Lieutenant Colonel, who were expelled from the service he loved by dismissing inspectors or migrating from the Soviet Union as a child and whistling the president. It is forbidden to do that.

It clarifies the constitutional wording that prohibits the president from taking “rewards” (payments) during his tenure, as he should not. Or have it for a long time. Do you remember, except when Donald Trump announced during the transition period before becoming president that he wasn’t going to unleash his business? And how shocking it was when a foreign official stayed at his hotel down the street from the White House, where the “Signature Suite” starts at $ 1,310 per night, when he became president and raked it up. Was it?

Yeah, we forgot that the glyphter would act pretty fast when he drove an even bigger burning garbage truck on every street in America. So it’s good to know that when the Democratic Protection Act was passed, future presidents could at least not be such fleas.

Larry Wilson is a member of the editorial board of the Southern California NewsGroup. lwilson@scng.com.

A law to protect us against White House grifters – San Bernardino Sun Source link A law to protect us against White House grifters – San Bernardino Sun

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