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Grand Prix Street Race at Long Beach in September? What’s wrong?

Forty-four of the last 45 Grand Prix races on Long Beach were held in April. But you, like me, know that it went out of the window with the arrival of COVID-19.

Oh, other non-April races? The first test, the Formula 5000 test to see if street racing works on Long Beach, took place on September 28, 1975.

The pandemic, like all the fun stuff, killed the race altogether in 2020. When we had to make a Go No Go decision to decide whether to build a street race track in February this year, it was clear that April 2021 was also not a good time to plan a mega event. ..

Recall that the Long Beach Grand Prix Association had one-third, and perhaps half, of the unplugged trucks built in March 2020. The truck is back. The association and its chairman and chief executive officer, Jim Mikaelian, had to bear the costs of construction and demolition. I promised everyone who bought the ticket that I could get the money back or get it the next time the race actually took place.

I know it’s very difficult to feel sorry for the car maker, so think about what happened to Acura. Honda’s luxury division became the title sponsor of Long Beach, effectively intervening at the very end of 2019 after Toyota moved its US operations to Texas.

As far as I know, Acura did not lose a lot of money, if any, as a result of the cancellations in April 2020 and 2021. But talk about Buzzkill.

To give them credit, they seem completely bored for this September edition. I hope the Acura people will have fun this weekend and understand the value of what they lent their name to.

The real plus of being the last race of the NTT IndyCar Series instead of the first race is that the Series Championship will be decided this Sunday. It’s a big problem for drivers, teams, and owners. The right to brag also comes with a lot of money.

But I have to admit, it’s a little hard to get into Grand Prix mode at this time of the year, and during this year. Oh, I can’t wait to burn outside the weekend and around the crowd of people having a good time. If you’re attending someone who hasn’t talked about COVID-19, you’ll be heading to the cornhole game right now.

However, we cannot escape the existence of COVID-19 this weekend. I’m happy to flash the vaccination proof at the gate, but I’m afraid not everyone will be happy to do it. And I’m still looking for a very well-fitting mask that Maria made for me — unless we eat or drink, we’re always supposed to wear it on the premises.

Sounds like an excuse to have a drink in your hand. I’m just saying’.

I participate in the Grand Prix Foundation, a non-profit organization that piggybacks on Long Beach’s Acura Grand Prix to raise some funding for Long Beach’s charity. We scrambled and managed to launch Run The Course 5K, but did not do any other fundraising activities. Like the Grumpria Association, we’ll be back in another edition six months later, preferably at a more normal time.

Then there is the weather. April is great most of the time — 70’s or 80’s, blue skies, and little worry about rain. In late September at Long Beach, it’s all about having a thermometer above 90. However, the oceanfront Grand Prix course is useful.

I missed two Grand Prix in the last 30 years. One is a hospital with a hemorrhagic ulcer (occupational danger) and the other is when my father died. We promise that you will not miss it even in September.

See you there.

A grand idea for a race – Press Telegram Source link A grand idea for a race – Press Telegram

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