90 Day Fiance Racism Scandals: Why Wasn’t Mike Berk Fired Like Alina Kasha?

Most of us were not surprised Absence of Caleb and Alina from the 90 days groom: before 90 days Season 5 Tell me all.

Months ago, Alina’s old messages emerged, including racist slander. After fan resentment, TLC edited a couple of stories.

But Mike Berk was at Tell All discussing his relationship with Ximena, even though his old messages are undeniably worse in several ways.

Why a double standard? That’s what Alina asks.

Alina Kasha, whose real name is Alina Kozhevnikova, apologized after the scandal came to light.

(He initially denied that the messages were his, but did ultimately apologize)

Now he wonders why Mike hasn’t done the same … and why he’s nowhere near as much of a backlash as he did.

Alina Kasha is worried that her secret will be used as an excuse

Last week, just days before the release of Part 1 of the Tell All series, Alina released a YouTube video called “It’s Always Bad.”

“When I don’t feel fair,” he pointed out, “I can’t be quiet, so I felt I had to intervene.”

Alina stressed that her intention was not to “force anyone” and that she had no “personal problems” with Mike.

Alina Kasha IG n-word caption beard post 2015

Alina admitted her own scandal, which came to light in January, much earlier in season 5.

In posts from 2015, he had, frankly, used variations on the N-word, racial slander that dehumanizes black people.

Although he is Russian and English is his second language, his proficiency in English and spending time in America made it difficult to understand how he might think nonsense was acceptable.

Alina Kasha IG deplores racist messages

After the uproar over his genuinely shocking writings, Alina was fired, he was fired from Tell All, and he and Caleb Greenwood were cut off for the rest of the season.

But last month, the same horrific race was found in Mike’s old posts.

Mike, an American for whom English is his native language, has no cultural or linguistic excuses … and the content of his messages was more harmful.

Mike Berk IG

In that there? It’s not a “funny” joke, it’s a classic pro-white supporter topic.

(For information – because the use of a SNAP or other aid for eating and coping should not be stigmatized – there are more whites in canteens than any other group)

Mike’s old posts from 2013 have not been locked. Even without embarrassment, we would stare at the fanatic face.

Mike Berk really isn’t having fun

“Nothing was dealt with when this same thing happened to my fellow actress,” Alina pointed out.

“He didn’t do anything, and the network didn’t,” he stated – no public apology, no shooting, no summoning from Tell All.

“If we’re all against racism,” Alina suggested, “let’s all keep the same standards.”

Alina Kasha (preview) knows she needs to tell Caleb

– Finally, I feel that if someone gets fired and another does the same, he has to bear the same consequences, Alina said.

He explained: “It also needs to be addressed if it has been addressed before, and I think they should also apologize.”

Alina confirmed, “What is not acceptable to one must be unacceptable to another.”

Mike Berk curses Ximena, his family

Many fans of the program have discussed this same issue.

(And some on social media have only now found out about the Mike scandal, even though they are well aware of the Alina scandal)

So why is there a double standard? Do TLC and Sharp only care about racism sometimes?

Mike Berk introduces himself in season 5

Some have suggested that TLC and Sharp Entertainment may not care about racism at all – at least not about dismissing people.

These are attempts to lay off people because they may hurt the outcome of the program, not because of the moral weight of the scandal.

In short, Alina was not separated from racism, but from the fact that she received an intense backlash that only a few defended her.

Mike Berk confirms that he has returned with Ximena to the Tell All event

To our knowledge, Mike has not been fired, edited, denied, or even made a public apology.

(By the way, he also used transphobic slander in these old posts, mocked Trayvon Martin’s murder and joked about the AAPI community)

Yes, his scandal was revealed later in the season … but he hasn’t received a backlash like Alina either.

Mike Berk on IG Live

Frankly, sometimes very real scandals are guns by people acting in good faith.

Many people were shocked and offended by Alina’s scandal because they had kept her on screen and confused by her social media history.

Some people did No like Alina from the series – because she’s a woman, because she has a sex life even though she’s disabled.

Alina Kasha is very honest with Caleb Greenwood from last night

For people who didn’t like Alina already, her scandal wasn’t shocking – it was exactly what they wanted to use to bully her.

Meanwhile, Mike – thanks to a combination of editing – the audience tends to like men more and have some sympathetic moments – less hated.

It wasn’t until his last episodes on screen that Mike started showing his ugly side to the cameras, but it’s too late to annoy most viewers.

Mike Berk vs Ximena preview 02/06

This is not the first time that TLC has demonstrated a clear dual standard based not on action but on popularity.

Maybe this is not The 90-day-old groomn fault – maybe it’s the fault of legislators because they don’t regulate the reality TV industry in a way that protects stars and producers and demands transparency.

Remember, this is a show that quietly disappeared now imprisoned domestic violent Geoffrey Paschel Tell everyone without warning viewers who he really is.

Geoffrey Paschel was sentenced to 18 years in prison

Some fans had to learn months or years later on social media about Geoffrey’s painful personal and criminal history.

Imagine if Geoffrey wasn’t in jail wherever he belongs, and the fans would meet him and be in danger because they saw him on TV and thought he was “safe”.

The 90-day-old groom is a very successful franchise, but a responsible choice would be to use more fairness and a little transparency in making these choices.

90 Day Fiance Racism Scandals: Why Wasn’t Mike Berk Fired Like Alina Kasha? Source link 90 Day Fiance Racism Scandals: Why Wasn’t Mike Berk Fired Like Alina Kasha?

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