90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Trailer Teases Hurt Feelings, Fears, True Love in Season 5!

We are away within 2 months Season 5 90 days fiance: 90 days ago..

The new season introduces seven all-new couples … but one familiar face lurks among newcomers.

The trailer was removed shortly after the cast list was released.

Watch this video … we’re already a bit at a loss and hope the new season arrives on December 12th.

Ben is 52 years old from Michigan.

Mahogany is 24 years old from Peru.

Despite age and geography, mahogany sent a message to Ben after being published in Fitness magazine.

Ben says Jesus bridges their age gap

Their DM helped them bloom in the relationship, and Ben says their shared Christian beliefs would fill any division.

Ben was previously a pastor who married within a very harsh Christian community. He believes mahogany is his second chance.

However, his friends noticed some warning signs as they elaborated in this trailer.

Ben has never actually talked to mahogany in the video

Ben and Mahogany have never had a video chat-at all. He looks at her picture and they send a message.

His friends think that if this girl exists, he might be using him … or even cat-phishing him.

The trailer hasn’t shown them together yet, but there’s a cast photo of her (not standing with Ben) … make it that you do.

Caleb is 28 years old from Arizona.

Alina is 27 years old from St. Petersburg, Russia.

They were actually online friends when they were teenagers, but they lost contact for years … until recently.

Caleb jogs on a trailer

Caleb and Alina reconnected 13 years later, and their rekindled friendship became clearly more romantic.

The arena is a small person and her disability prevents her from walking or standing for long periods of time.

They have real concerns about how their lifestyles engage … and the judgments they can face because of their differences.

All arenas are dressed in trailers

In the trailer, you can see that those concerns have become apparent as Alina is worried before the airport reunion.

She is worried that Caleb may react differently to seeing her in a wheelchair than she sees online.

Arina isn’t the only star of the season worried that meeting in person could lead to rejection.

Ella is 29 years old from Idaho.

Johnny is 34 years old from Jinan, China.

Ella is a country girl who describes herself as being obsessed with Asian culture, which is already a bit overloaded.

Ella is worried about how Johnny reacts directly to her

More seriously, they met on a dating app that matches Asian men and white women.

Ella, meanwhile, is worried about how Johnny will see her when she meets her in person.

She has faced painful rejections and does not want to experience them again.

Johnny says Ella eats dessert "Well it's usa"

In the trailer, some of Johnny’s relatives sound “worried” about this … but it’s not clear how Johnny feels.

Their story clearly addresses issues such as cultural appreciation and fetishization, and body image issues.

It will be interesting to see how they all work when they meet in Idaho.

Gino is 51 years old from Michigan.

Jasmine is 34 years old from Panama.

After seven years of marriage, Gino aims to divorce his ex-wife, a Brazilian woman, and move on.

From Jasmine to Gino-I love you like two wet animals

Gino and Jasmine’s international dating site, she fell head-on because of her personality, appearance, and academic spirit.

Jasmine isn’t shy to be explicit on the phone, even when the camera is looking.

The two also have some sexy fun underwater during the trailer.

Jasmine wants Gino's password

But Jasmine really seems to have a problem with jealousy.

In the trailer, you can see that she is asking for a password for Gino’s phone so she can peek at the message.

It’s a complex boundary for couples to navigate, not a fair one-sided requirement.

Jasmine yells at Gino

You may even see Jasmine yell at Gino and cross-examine before exploding his anger.

Gino openly asks if he made a mistake with the camera.

Uh … what about him?

Kimberly is a 50-year-old divorced from San Diego.

32-year-old Usman Umar is already well known to fans as the ambitious music star “Sojaboy” from Nigeria.

We have already seen his miserable marriage to “Baby Girl” Lisa Hame. Now he’s back on it.

Unjustified charm of Usman Umar shot on a trailer

Apparently, a year ago, Kimberly sent Usman a message as a “fan” of his music. Yes, he really has a fan.

You wouldn’t know that, but Usman and Kimberly’s communication blossomed into potential romance.

Usman invited her to come and see him where he was filming a new music video, despite concerns that history would repeat itself.

Kimberly is wearing her Usman shirt at the airport

Usman is once again dating a much older white American woman.

Many fans suspect that he has a decency and does not intend to marry her.

The real benefit may be to keep promoting his music to millions … this seems to be at least a side benefit.

Kimberly is jealous of Usman Umar's music video

But Kimberly, like her former baby girl Lisa Saddle, is very jealous of Usman’s career.

In the trailer, she asks why he invites her to a music video that isn’t about her.

The repercussions of his past relationships were not lost to him, but his entertainment did not go well.

Kimberly splashes water on Usman Umar and blows away the storm

At that time, Kimberly splashes his face with the water from the trailer and blows away the storm.

Oh yeah, there will be many stories about this.

Let’s hope things don’t end as badly as Lisa.

Memphis is 34 years old from Michigan.

Hamza is 28 years old from Tunisia.

The two met online eight months ago and formed a relationship.

Memphis Shower to Hamza-Sexy Time

Memphis has a “wild side” following an unstable childhood, but wants to find a stable relationship to maintain her position.

You can see some of their long-distance shower video chats, which is clearly what this franchise is doing now.

It turns out that Hamza made a proposal to Memphis only a few months later. She said so.

Hamza-Tunisia has no prenuptial agreement

She plans to marry him during this trip to Tunisia.

In addition to getting to know her fiancé better, she wants him to sign a prenuptial agreement … and pushbacks can tear them apart.

But that allows a lot of things. After all, they are still getting to know each other.

Mike is 34 years old from Selles, NY.

Ximena is 24 years old from Colombia.

She is also a single mother, and her previous relationship clearly made her experience a lot.

Ximena tells Mike she lived with Hitman

Ximena does not speak English. Mike can hardly speak Spanish. They use a translation app, which has its own drawbacks.

But despite serious language barriers, the two are talking about marriage and children.

Mike not only wants to marry Ximena, but also wants to bring her and her children back to the United States as a family.

Mike heard that Hitman trapped Ximena

Mike sent money and gifts to Ximena.

There is a real question as to whether Ximena really loves him, as well as what he can do for her.

At some point in the trailer, Ximena seems to have confessed that she wasn’t in love with Mike.

Mike escapes from Ximena and declares he's done

This moment of painful honesty in the trailer sees Mike literally run away.

You can see him running through the city of Colombia while the production is chasing him.

Is he non-toxic Paul Stere? only time will tell.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Trailer Teases Hurt Feelings, Fears, True Love in Season 5! Source link 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Trailer Teases Hurt Feelings, Fears, True Love in Season 5!

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