8 TV Shows and Movies to Watch the Week of October 10, 2021

You need to know about the TV shows and movies that will be released for the first time this week after returning to Japan. You are Princess Diana’s documentary and Brittany Murphy’s research documentary on Netflix.

October 10th (Sun)

Diana: read Official description See below for this documentary. CNN 9pm ET

“The six-part documentary event DIANA reveals the person behind the princess in a new interview that reconstructs the traditional story of her life and heritage with rare footage. DIANA reveals her strengths. And explore the shortcomings and reveal a compelling and complex woman who was an aristocrat, a rebel, a fashion icon, a humane hero, a desperate romantic, and a devoted mother. “

Monday, October 11

Neighborhood: Beth Behrs Jema will miscarriage in this inspiring and inspirational episode.Executive producer Meg Deloatch Said TVLine About the episode, “As someone who has had a child miscarriage, I see how the deep sorrow associated with such loss and the feeling that it should be a private sorrow that you do not speak of is exacerbated. I know directly. It’s unfortunate that a fun couple like Dave and Jema can experience such a painful tragedy, it’s normal for everyone to be sad, and Calvin and Tina’s affectionate. With some support, it’s important to talk about it, and dealing with it in a multicam comedy puts you in a normal human state, worthy of attention, discussion, and normalization. ” 8 pm ET on CBS

Tuesday, October 12

Chucky: A new retelling of horror classics Play house.. 10 pm ET at USA / SyFy

Wednesday, October 13

Dopesic: Please read the official description below. Streaming on Hulu

“From the lead and executives produced by executive producers Danny Strong and Michael Keaton, Dopesic Find out how a company caused the worst drug epidemic in American history. From the Big Pharma boardroom to the suffering Virginia mining community, the DEA corridor, the series takes viewers to the epicenter of the American fight against opioid addiction. “

October 14th (Thursday)

What happened, Brittany Murphy??: A new documentary about Brittany Murphy’s life (and tragic death). Streaming HBO Max

Friday, october 15

home Sweet Home: Every MetacriticIn this social experiment created by Ava DuVernay, two families exchange a week’s life from different life paths, such as economy, religion, gender, race, identity, geographical differences, or combinations thereof. I found out that I was doing it. ” NBC 8pm ET

You are: Joe and Love take the suburbs … with their newborn son. What could go wrong? Streaming on Netflix

Saturday, October 16

Sleeping Party Massacre: A new perspective on classic slasher movies. SyFy 9pm ET

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8 TV Shows and Movies to Watch the Week of October 10, 2021 Source link 8 TV Shows and Movies to Watch the Week of October 10, 2021

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